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Apr 27, 2006 11:34 AM

spicy chocolate bars, or just more interesting ones

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the discussion regarding distillery district got onto a chocolate tangent, and well, i'm sure some will agree with me that it deserves it's own thread.

so, what i'm looking for here are interesting slabs of chocolate. large or small. no truffles here please.

soma has a spicy chocolate that i think uses a little too much chili because it's the first thing that hits you. but i found this milk chocolate bar from dolfin (sp?) sold at le gourmande that has a more varied spice flavour (i think it has cayenne, cardamom, cinnamon, and a couple other spices) that hits me just right but i prefer dark chocolate.

any suggestions for spicy chocolate? or alternate suggestions for awesome things to try? re-iterate, i prefer non truffle forms.

thanks :)


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  1. It's not a chocolate bar, but have you ever tried Mexican hot chocolate such as Ibarra?

    It is spiced very much as you desire and comes in brick form, you melt it and whisk in milk.

    Easily available from those Mexican shops in Kensington Market

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      Mexican chocolate is killer:strong flavor with granular sugar embedded in unsweetened chocolate with a hint of cinnamon. Any type from Oaxaca is usually good. Real frothed chocolate made from this is a glimpse of the type of drink that drove 17th-18th Europeans bonkers. I like to eat it, too.

    2. At the Carrot Common they have some large, organic bars with interesting additions; cherries (real, pieces), candied ginger (my fave), orange peel, etc. They're quite good quality, and a decent price, for organic.

      1. Have you ever tried Vosges chocolates? While it's based out of Chicago (my original home town), she does ship to Canada. The Red Fire bar is wonderful, with chipotle and ancho chiles and cinnamon. She also has many other exotic combinations. I've provided the link directly to the chocolate bars page below, so you can bypass the truffles. :)


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          Mmm...I second the Vosges suggestion. The Red Fire bar is good, but for your dark chocolate preferences, try the Creole bar too! Best chocolate this side of the Atlantic.

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            I adore those Vosges chocolates. Went beserk with them when we were in Las Vegas. Very subtle - not crazy intense. I tried many of their flavors, even the more normal ones and there wasn't a single one which didn't work. Wish I was wealthy enough to have boxes of them sent to me weekly!

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              Just as a note, a store in Bayview Village (not sure of the exact's on the south side of the main aisle maybe a bit east of the middle, and it sells lots of little kitchen gadgets and other neat stuff) sells Vosges chocolate bars. I bought the Red Fire and it was amazing, although the Applewood smoked bacon + Alder smoked salt bar was tempting too.

              1. re: Strongbad789

                Is this the kitchen shop near A&W? or is it another part of the mall?
                Had no idea Vosges was so close...

              2. re: Jo

                I also highly recommend the Naga bar from Voges. It has Indian spice flavours along with toasted coconut. Very good.
                They are very quick to ship, as well. My order from Chicago to Toronto arrived in less than a week.

              3. Check out the Dolfin line. I found them in the basement of St lawrence market (south) in the store (in the centre) that sells various packaged imported foods. The bars are 70gm for around $4 and they also had some of the Neapolitan mixed selections which I've just finished (including Earl grey tea, Cardamom,etc).
                Currently have bars of both Dark Chocolate with Pink Peppercorn and Dark Chocolate with Green Aniseed waiting to be enjoyed!


                1. Hey there, I bought an organic chocolate bar the other day at Wholefoods that had chilies and other spices in it. It was 74% cocoa content, which made it a nice dark chocolate with a spice in the finish. The brand name was Dagoba (sp?)

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                    yes it's Dagoba. Organic & yummy. I second it.