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Apr 25, 2006 08:23 PM

Organic Garage

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Anyone checked out this place in Oakville? They seem to offer a bit of everything. How do they stack up price-wise?


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  1. Organic Garage is a great new store, definitely worth checking out. You'll keep coming back - I drive to Oakville from midtown Toronto to shop there. The prices are incredibly low while the quality of the produce is top-notch. It's like an old-fashioned grocery store - family-run, great personal service. The store also features a great butchershop featuring Rowe Farms meats and poultry, and some exceptional prepared foods.

    1. Agreed. I'm a big-time Whole Foods shopper but now head to Organic Garage for many of the basics. For example, soy milk is about 50% less at OG than at WF.

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        Looking forward to trying it. I find the WF gestalt obnoxious and their pricing extortionate.

      2. For those in Toronto who do not want to travel to Oakville for very cheap and good organics, try Ambrosia on Doncaster Av at Yonge/Steeles. They have excellent products and selection presented in a "no frills" manner. And their prices reflect that as you would expect (read about their pricing policy on their website below).

        I've been almost to almost every health store (but not yet Organic Garage) and I think Ambrosia's prices are the best, and may be even cheaper than the Organic Garage's (judging by the comparisons to Whole Foods on OG's website). Ambrosia also has a second location in Newmarket at Yonge/Mulock.

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          Ambrosia is great for most things but their fresh produce always looks horrible.

        2. The original comment has been removed