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Apr 25, 2006 04:59 PM

What happened to Dipamo's

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We were going to go for my husband's birthday a couple of weeks ago but drove there to find paper on the walls. The website is down too.

Does anyone know if they're closed or just undergoing renovations?


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  1. closed. bailiff's notice on the door

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    1. re: tuqueboy

      Is this the one on Eglinton or wherever? The one that took the originals name? If so, looks good on him.

      1. re: Leslieville

        What was the deal with the name theft?

        1. re: Brain of J

          Apparently, the original Dipamo's went into partnership with someone(a lawyer)to open another restaurant, and ended up losing the right to the name. So now the original(and superior) Dipamos is called Phil's. This happened at Eggstacy too, it's now called Daybreak.

          1. re: Leslieville

            Interesting! Thanks for the info.

            1. re: Brain of J

              Thanks for the info! We went to Phil's instead and really enjoyed it. Of course, neither of us eat BBQ that much so we may not have too much to compart it too.

              1. re: shannon

                Re: Phils

                I married a southerner and took her there. She fully expected to pan this place since bbq can only be done properly in the south. To my surprise, not only did she like it, she said it was very good. If you're looking for true southern bbq. This is your place.


        2. re: tuqueboy

          Is this the one on Eglinton or wherever? The one that took the originals name? If so, looks good on him.

        3. There's a new restaurant opening in this place... But I don't recall the name, and I don't know if it's open yet.

          1. We can be fairly sure that the following has been vetted by lawyers:


              1. Thank you for that link about the original owner.

                In any case, the new resto opening is called Meron - Middle Eastern/Greek. I stopped in yesterday thinking it was like the Meron at Bathurst/Steeles - (falafel, schwarma, shishkebab, Israeli salad (mmmmmm....)). I was disappointed.

                1) It's a fancier and pricier menu with maybe 1/4 of the items that Meron at Bathurst has.

                2) When I asked the Maitre'd if this location was owned by the same people as the one up at Bathurst, he was hesitant to admit it for some reason. Now I'm thinking there's gonna be similar shenanigans concerning partners with this operation as there was with Dipamo's.

                Anyway, I much prefer Me Va Me for middle eastern over Meron, and this new higher-end Meron didn't really look that impressive (especially for the prices).