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Delivery in Leslieville area

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Hi there,

We have just moved to Queen/Leslie and are looking for some food delivery recommendations.

Anyone know of a great Pizza place that delivers in our area? Or, any others types of food that we could try??


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  1. Welcome to the neighbourhood! As you will find there are lots of great restaurants around here, you can spend the summer visiting them all. I order pizza from Peter's Cajun Creole on Parliament. Great pizzas and a few pasta dishes. Also Stratengers near Queen and Jones also has great Pizza, but they don't deliver. For chinese, call Seabreeze. Great food, very reasonable. Sorry I dont have the phone #s but most of them are within walking distance for me. Ooh, can't forget Dangerous Dan's at Broadview for burgers and ribs. I'm sure there are more as you'll soon discover.

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      Thanks for the welcome!

      There is actually ONE place I have discovered...right across the street!

      Queen Pita serves GREAT lebanese food...and dinners are in the $5-$6 range!

      It's a great little family run place!

      Looking forward to a summer of sampling all the great restos.

      By the way...is there a good local pub around us?

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        Welcome! I'm glad you've discovery Queen Pita. As for pubs, Stratengers might be your best bet. Otherwise, there're a few spots near Queen and Broadview.

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          Queen Pita's great. The owner and staff are very friendly and the food is very good.

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            Welcome to the hood Susan!

            A quick walk to Gerrard and Pape brings you to Pizza Pide - a great twist on Pizza. A few places on the Danforth also deliver Greek food. We use Kalyvia (sp?) which is adequate - huge helpings. Does Swiss Chalet count as food?

      2. I have three places to recommend.

        1) Kubo Radio is very nearby. See their "Delivery" menu at www.kuboradio.com.
        2) Pizzaiolo (www.pizzaiolo.ca), on Kingston Road, just north of Queen, has great pizza.
        3) Danforth Dragon (www.danforthdragon.com), located on Danforth east of Pape, offers excellent Chinese and Hakka options.

        If you try any of the recommendations, it would be great if you could post about your experience.


        1. You're in the delivery radius for Bona Pizza (yum!)
          416 406-5000.
          Sidhartha Indian restaurant (Gerrard and Coxwell) has free delivery if you're within half a km of the restaurant, not sure of the charge otherwise since I usually go stand in line waiting for the tasty buffet.

          1. I love, love, love Ghali's kitchen, aka Rasta Pasta. They are at Greenwood & Queen and they deliver. My husband loves the pizza. It is very thin crust and not very cheesy, lots of flavour from the sauce and jerk pork or chicken. I personally prefer his pastas - the spicy sauces are amazing.

            416-466-5140 delivery from 5-9 Monday - Saturday I believe.

            1. Colombo's Pizza Danforth west of Coxwell. The best in the area for ma and pa. One of my favourite pizzas in the city. Calzone also very good.

              1. Try Reliable Halibut and Chips for the best Fish & Chips in the Leslieville area. Really good.
                No Delivery, but pretty fast take out - a few tables for eat in also.

                1. Looking for new recommendations for delivery/takeout in Leslieville... anyone? Bueller?

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                    Me too...looking for delivery to Queen/Pape area. Pizza, greek, chinese, thai, indian, or anything else worth trying? Phone numbers and locations would be helpful!

                  2. Sushi Marche! Amazing sushi, "best maki in Toronto" according to NOW Magazine, and maybe they're right.

                    1. Nice, forgot about Sushi Marche... somehow I've yet to check them out but soon!

                      Also, forgot to add Cajun Corner... they have some tasty takeout items and the place is run by some really nice/friendly folks. Their website has a current menu:


                      1. This thread got me thinking. I've lived here a very long time and I don't know many GOOD places that deliver. Most of the good places suggested here do NOT deliver. Here are some of my suggestions. Please keep your suggestions coming.

                        Thai: Buppha Thai
                        Indian: Timothy's
                        Chinese: Beijing House
                        Pizza: Mamma's

                        Note that none of these places delivers quickly and Beijing House does not deliver all the time.

                        Of places mentioned previously, I can recommend Ghali, Sidhartha, and Bona, though I suspect delivery from all 3 may also be slow.

                        I cannot recommend Seabreeze, Dangerous Dans (other than for beef ribs & mashed), or Columbo's (your mileage may vary).

                        When I ate at Kubo Radio, I found the food mediocre and the service distressing. I've never tried their delivery.

                        I haven't tried Pizzaiolo or Danforth Dragon.

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                          Last time we called Ghali's they weren't delivering anymore. Too bad, because they don't have eat-in either.

                        2. Queen Pita is consistently awful. It got quite a bit of good press when it opened and, frankly, I never understood why. I've never enjoyed any of the food I've eaten there.