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Apr 20, 2006 10:41 PM

Stratford restaurant picks

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Venturing out of Toronto a little, does anyone have any recommendations for must-dine places out in Stratford, Ontario?

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  1. I have only eaten at one place in Stratford and that was The Church Restaurant. It was divine!! As you can deduce from the name, it is a church that has been turned in to a restaurant. I have dined there twice and both times it was up in The Belfry. The Belfry is a small, more casual bar area. They offer the same food as the lower part, just a bit less stuffy.

    I highly recommend the lobster bisque.

    I have included a link to their web page.


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      My experience at the Church was simply this: overpriced, pretentious, and just O.K. The cheaper Belfry upstairs is a better deal. Better yet go to the Bijou.

    2. I have eaten twice in Stratford and both times were at The Church Restaurant. It was divine. As you can deduce from the name, it was church that has been renovated into a fine dining restaurant. Both times I was there, we dined in the Belfry which is a smaller, cosier, more casual restaurant upstairs from the main dining area. It serves the same food as the main area.

      I highly recommend the lobster bisque if it is available during your visit.

      I have included a link to their web site.

      Happy Eating


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        Try the Belfry which is upstairs at the Church. It's being renovated right now and should reopen mid May. Cool atmosphere and great food. Downstairs at the Church itself is a great experience with a very creative menu. Go to the website to get an idea of the choices. Have been there many times and never went away disappointed

      2. We spent a couple of weekend in Stratford recently, and had dinner at both Fellini's (next to Bentley's on Ontario street) and Pazzo Pizzeria. I would recommend both; the food and service were good at both.

        1. I'll second Pozzo. And try the Sunroom. It's tucked away, but I was there a couple of years ago and it was the best meal I've ever had in Stratford. A friend who works at the festival also said to try the Green Door. There's no sign, just a green door, but apparently it's the best game in town.

          1. Bijou is lovely. Food good. Service good.

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              Bijou, from our perspective, is the best, more creative dining in Stradford. Woolfy's is quite good in St. Mary's.

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                Ate at Bijou the other weekend and it was really good. Pickerel and breaded veal plus cheese course. Will go back the next time we are there.