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Apr 19, 2006 01:21 PM

cobourg & area restaurants for b/f's b-day please.

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staying overnight at a b & b for the b/f's b-day beginning of may and looking for a great restaurant in the cobourg area. any cuisine, any price. also any great lunch spot suggestions would be great.

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  1. Buttermilk Cafe is great for breakfast, w/e brunch or lunch.

    I had a great dinner, several years ago, at the Woodlawn Inn.

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    1. re: jill

      Realisticly, this is the best you are going to do in Cobourg.

    2. I don't know that I would call either of these places "great" (this is Cobourg, after all), but I'd recommend either The Oasis or the Northside Grill. There's also a decent place in the old jail (I'm not making this up...) I forget what it's called now, but you'd probably find it on the Cobourg municipal web site.

      1. I have eaten in Cobourg twice....once at the Jail (typical uninspired pub grub but very interesting setting) and once at the Matterhorn because they have schnitzel and I am always searching for really good schnitzel. Their's wasn't too shabby. Service was slow but the meal was good.

        The link to the Matterhorn is below.

        Here is an addy for information regarding the Jail:

        Happy Birthday to the bf!!


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        1. re: happybelly

          I agree that the Oasis is a consistently good restaurant. Next time you & your bf are in the area, though, I suggest a trip north on Hwy 18 about 15 minutes to Gore's Landing. There's a little romantic place there called the Victoria Inn. Quite a nice room, a lovely patio out back overlooking Rice Lake. The sommelier, Bob, certainly knows his stuff as well. And, of course, you get treated to country manners and relaxed atmosphere. Wear a dress or wear jeans they will treat you exactly the same. Now that's an oasis.

          1. re: Googs

            I like Oasis - the service is consistent and the drinks are superb... :) The food is interesting too, and not too expensive so it's good for the odd outing...

            1. re: Googs

              I had an awful meal at Victoria Inn few years ago. Dried and burnt chicken breast with parboiled rice and frozen Mexican mix. Thank God the portions were very small. :-)

              1. re: blue bike

                How many years ago was that? It must have been quite a few. They used to serve food that would have been best served at a nursing home. Then they got with the program.

                I dine at the Victoria Inn at least twice a year. I have family a mere 5 minutes away so I admit it's a convenience choice. I could just as easily go in the other direction and end up at Rhino's Roadhouse in Bewdley. I find the food at VI pleasing and the atmosphere even more so. Pair it with a sunset and it's absolute heaven.

                This isn't high end dining by Toronto or PEC standards. For country casual cuisine, though, it's pretty darn good.

                1. re: Googs

                  It was three years ago. Glad to hear things have changed for the better. The property is very nice. However, the service had a lot of attitude. So it was this unfortunate combination of awful food and poor service. I think I need more time. :-)

          2. yep, keep going east to picton...don't waste your money in cobourg