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Apr 17, 2006 07:11 PM

Joy Thai - any good?

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I love Real Thailand but read about Joy Thai in the Toronto Star. The Star's food critic, Amy Pataki, mentioned that it was one of her favourites.

Is it any good?

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  1. yes, it's very good. portions are not huge, but just right. lots of flavour, they dont seem to skimp on quality. the real thing. service isn't the warmest, can be kind of cold actually and slow but the food is worth it. great cold spring rolls (but comes only with chicken, not shrimp), satays, pad thai (not the sloppy red stuff), mango salad, curries...

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    1. re: taimeup

      Thank you! I will definitely give it a try.

      I'm not sure if you've been to Real Thailand and was wondering if Joy Thai is better than Real Thailand.

      1. re: mrsay

        yes i have been to real thailand and i prefer joy thai. the service and atmo of real thailand is a little more elegant and polished. but joy thai is more authentic, real and down to earth, imho. i think the flavours are more ...hmmm....clean? neat? tastes more homey to me, not so 'constructed' for restaurant/banquet style consumption.

    2. May I know where is Joy Thai?

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      1. re: KaKa

        joy thai - on yonge, a block north of lawrence ave., on west side

      2. Joy Thai is good, and I love their panang nuer red curry beef - very distinctive - and Amy Pataki, who in my experience is quite reliable, gave it a good review as one of the "top five restaurants you've never heard of.". But on balance I prefer Sorn Thai (on Yonge, north of Eglinton by about 7 blocks). My son still prefers Joy Thai.