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Apr 17, 2006 01:37 PM

Krinos candies

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Does anyone know where I can buy Krinos Foods' cinnamon and ouzo candies in the Toronto/Mississauga area?

I know they are being sold on but i don't want to pay shipping!

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  1. Sam's Club has the ouzo candy> Not sure about the other.

    1. I love the Krinos cinnamon candies! They make a great rattling noise if you eat two at once :)

      My sister picks them up large tubs of them for me on the Danforth. Quite a few of the Greek bakeries stock them. You'll have no problem finding them if you walk along the Danforth between say, Broadview and Carlaw.


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      1. re: carolyn

        Actually keep heading east just past carlaw towards pape. There is one bakery just next to Korry's and another acroos the street close to Starbuck's. They should both have what you need. There are actually only a few of these bakeries left...

        1. re: bluedog

          I think you mean WEST to Pape, no?

          1. re: Maureen

            Unless I am absolutely dyslexic, walking from Broadview to Carlaw is EAST, as in headed towards Montreal, and away from Vancouver (which is how I remember it believe it or not). So continue EAST towards Pape from Carlaw...

            Maureen, more than happy to admit I was wrong but...!


            1. re: bluedog

              Thanks a bunch to you both! I will definitely make the trek sometime soon!!

          2. re: bluedog

            My apologies bluedog.
            I was certain Carlaw was east of Pape.
            Maybe I'm the dyslexic one :_).