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Apr 17, 2006 12:37 PM

Deep Fried Mars Bar

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This was recently mentioned in a couple of posts - some people finding it at, of all places, a Chinese restaurant... given that it's a British (or Scottish, can't remember) invention.

Anyway, if you're into this dish (can't say I am...), one of the best kept secrets in the city for it is British Style Fish and Chips. It's not on the menu, but if you ask, the owner will make it for you. Also, may I also say that this place is HANDS DOWN NO CONTEST the best Fish and Chip shop in Toronto. It shames every other piece of fish I've tried by a long shot. Hope you enjoy, whether it be the fried Mars bar or the F+C (or both! eek!).

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  1. King Henry's arms located at 16th avenue and yonge street in Richmond good in fact that there was an article written about this unique dessert....

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    1. re: need a beer

      how much does it cost to get these things

      also what are these restaurants that offer them are they pubs and how much does it cost to eat there

      1. re: jim

        The King Henry is a pub and serves the regular pub fare; liver&onions, ploughmans lunch, fish&chips, burgers, wings etc. new chef is pretty good though and there are new specials featured daily. Home-made soup of the day are always excellent. Stay away from the shepards pie though, too much mashed and not enough filling. I'll get back on the price of the Mars Bar....

    2. Duke of Gloucester has it, with ice cream.

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      1. re: Negaduck

        Duke of Gloucester I ordered the mar bar with ice creme, and the batter was burned and hard. It was terrible. St. Andrews fish and chips makes it the best.

      2. British Style F&C -- is this place ever open? I've wasted three trips there so far...

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        1. re: Wiley

          They are Open, Corner of Dundas & Coxwell.
          Big beautiful piece of fish, good french fries...AND FOR ALL THE QUEBEKERS OUT THERE: THEY MAKE REALLLLL POUTINE!!!!!! Small place. Clean. Friendly. You wont regret it! But I dont know if they do the deep fried Mars bar....

          1. re: Wiley

            Yep, a problem is that they rarely keep to the posted hours. Your best bet is to go between 1-8pm; they're usually open.

            1. re: mummy2Luna

              or call your order in ahead of time (that's what we've done in the past).

              also, i think i read somewhere that they aren't doing deep fried mars bars anymore, but i could be wrong.

          2. St. Andrews F and C (a traditional Scotish Chippy on Ell;esmere rd. just west of McCowan) does deep fried Mas bars.

            1. British Style fish and chips no longer does them i know that...even if u ask, b/c i did about a month ago, he said they're too messy...