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C'Bon is C'Khrap (chinese delivery Yonge & Eglinton)

TorontoViewer Apr 15, 2006 06:32 PM

Just ordered from Cest Bon north of Yonge and Eggie.
All the szechan stuff used the same generic ketchup based acidic sauce...truly horrible.
Even Holy Chow is better than this not to mention half the price.
Avoid avoid avoid

  1. j
    jtamin Sep 22, 2008 05:06 PM

    Wow it looks like this place went downhill. I've only tried it once a couple years ago. I got some rice combo with chicken balls I think, and a deep fried Mars bar. The food was generic Chinese take out quality. However, the Mars bar was nice and gooey.

    1. g
      ghetto_scarlem Sep 22, 2008 04:09 PM

      Friday night dinner at C'est Bon (location closer to Yonge & Lawrence). We ordered wonton soup, Cantonese chow mein, Beef with broccoli.

      All 3 dishes were bad. Soup was only mildy warm. Chow mein had strange noodles and bad tasting pork. Beef was tough and chewy, but the broccoli was OK.

      Had a coupon, so at least we didn't spend lots of money. Service was nice and friendly.

      Don't really know how this place stays in business, but there was a constant stream of people coming in, and also take-out orders. Clearly some people really like it.

      Maybe I am spoiled from being able to eat all the great Chinese food in Scarborough, Markham, Richmond Hill - for a fraction of the price. Next time, we will drive past C'est Bon, and go to a better place for Chinese food.

      1. s
        sph Mar 24, 2008 03:11 PM

        Best General Taos in the city, very very nice staff.
        Very quick service.
        Big portions of food.
        Amazing fried mars bar.
        My favorite chinese food place for its price and hospitality.

        1. a
          adeam Sep 18, 2007 06:08 PM

          I wish that I saw this posting before I ordered take out for a family gathering last week. I agree with "avoid X 3." Don't waste your money. We ordered 7 different dishes and not one was memorable. They tasted all the same and were drowning in oily, ketchupy, thick cornstarch sauce. Beef w/chinese broccoli ended up being beef w/frozen mixed vegetables and a few stalks of broccoli. Sweet + sour pork w/ pineapple was mainly onions, green peppers + sauce - I guess I shouldn't have asked them to reduce the pineapple! C'est Bon has turned me off of take-out Chinese food. What a shame.

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          1. re: adeam
            EPIcureanTO Nov 2, 2007 09:05 AM

            We actually tried it again recently ( I had nothing to do with the choice!) and it was edible, but just very unexciting- same experience as adeam had - all 3 dishes came in a mass of brown, soupy, cornstarchy, muck.

          2. h
            haven Mar 8, 2007 04:50 AM


            The food there is oily I had the chicken wing combo with rice. I it was horrific. I ordered the fried mars bar and the mars bar was hard and the batter is flaky. overall it is disgusting.

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            1. re: haven
              EPIcureanTO Jul 20, 2007 10:19 AM

              I have to admit something weird is going on- the first 5 times we ordered from there everything was super fresh & definitely not oily. The Mars bars were ooowey goowey goodness, even when reheated the next day.

              Finally decided to go into the actual location at Y & E it was AWFUL- had to send back uncooked noodles -still came back not cooked ( and hey, I like al dente pasta- but this was like eating shoelaces).

              We are either getting deliverys from the new location, or judging by these old posts, the old chef is back.

            2. l
              lb Apr 15, 2006 09:08 PM

              I always find it interesting how different our experiences can be with the same restaurants.

              My wife and I order our takeout Chinese Food from C'est Bon because their quality and freshness is the best we've found in midtown so far.

              Maybe it is that restos put their best work into only certain dishes. For example, the ginger beef and manchu chicken (very spicy) are both excellent here. Also, the March issue of North Toronto Post voted the sweet & sour chicken "Best in Toronto".

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              1. re: lb
                Fwagra Apr 16, 2006 08:59 PM

                "The North Toronto Post said they have the best sweet and sour chicken". Ugh.

                I didn't know that there are actually people who take the "reviews" in papers like the Post seriously. Anyhow, C'est Bon is garbage.

                But, I do understand that they do deep fried Mars bars nicely.

              2. j
                jayseeca Apr 15, 2006 06:38 PM

                I've passed by that place for years, and just heard that its the restaurant to go to for a deep-fried Mars bar. But otherwise, a chinese restaurant called C'est Bon doesn't sounds very promising...

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                1. re: jayseeca
                  Lee Apr 17, 2006 12:55 AM

                  I can't believe the good reviews this place receives either. I was not impressed. Funny this restaurant should be posted about -- I just drove on Yonge just south of Eglinton where I noticed they are opening a new (?) location. Personally, I'd go to Zucca instead (no contest!)

                  1. re: Lee
                    jamie Apr 17, 2006 09:08 AM

                    I noticed the sign for the second location of C'est Bon on the way to work this morning. It will be on Yonge between Berwick and Hillsdale, in a "cursed" location (many tenants since I've lived in the neighbourhood, most recently Bronzino and The Blue Meaney, whose sign was recently uncovered).

                    1. re: jamie
                      tuqueboy Apr 17, 2006 10:33 PM

                      don't forget it used to be Kate's, where the bartender was half-pissed and the wings were half-cooked. yuck.

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