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Apr 13, 2006 04:30 PM

best grocery noodles

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im a student whose run low on cash and need to buy some groceries. cheapest thing i can think of is noodles

anyone got any brands theyd suggest that are cheap and filling????


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  1. Where are you at? The cheapest noodles that I've bought were at No Frills at Silver Star and Steeles (near Starwalk Buffet). I'm assuming youre talking about instant noodles since you said you've run low on cash and that youre a student. :P But the Korean instant noodles they sell there are the cheapest in the city. I think theyre $0.67/pack (or $0.69/pack, dont quote me!), vs. other places at $0.79/pack. And yes, they're filling and hearty!!!

    1. Jim, I think it best you consider a lot of factors. Surviving on noodles is not the answer! You must consider a balanced diet with protein, fruit and vegetables. A lot of concentration on this board is on meat/fish, and I am not a vegetarian. I suggest you pursue avenues such as contacting your school nutritionist for help/advice, finding an understanding local and good restaurant where to work for minimum time for food and be treated in time as a God with free food, as they know it's tough!! In the meanwhile, if near a Vietnamese restaurant, you can go for the soup/rice/noodles and ask for a little extra lettuce, slices of tomatoes and most will not charge extra, talk to them, actually check out to watch for any friendly attitude restauarant!! When I lived in cabbagetown long ago, when a person came to my house and asked for food, my Grandmother would ask them to wait on the front porch, give them a drink, and go in and actually cook a fresh meal for them to enjoy and a few sandwiches to take for Good Luck!!! I think you must do a school search and neighbourhood search. It will be how you look at it!! Check places out, find a community friend/working situation and you will prosper with food and more!!!!!!!!!!

      1. I know this is the Toronto board,but it just blew my mind when I saw Top Ramen packages of noodle soups in a U.S.drug store last week 10 for a dollar!!!Compared to the cheapest at say, T$T in Toronto,29 cents each.

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          Oh no no no, you can't get cheapo ramen at T&T.. thats like the Loblaws of Chinese supermarkets. They sell regular ramen, and then there are also Japanese imported ones too. The regular ramen, they mark it up by $0.10 more even!

          You can try the huge, cheap Chinese supermarket up on Kennedy near Denison. They might have cheaper ones. But the cheapest I've seen is still at No Frills at Silver Star and Steeles.

        2. I don't know if many others are concerned about reading labels,but I was very shocked when I read those packaged noodles. While cheap and filling, they also contain a whopping 16 grams of fat! I know you can make them healthier by throwing in vegetables and tuna or an egg.but--. Sorry for the downer, but perhaps to a starving student that doesn't really matter.

          1. I usually buy instant noodle called MAMA "Tom yam kung", silver pack. It's from Thailand. It's a bit spicy for canadian though. You can make a fried noodle dish by frying garlic and online then put meat and vegetable and then put boiled noodle and all the spices which come in the packs and a little bit of oyster sauce. It's really good. Or you can just boil it as usual.

            1 box contains 30 packs = $6.99 at china town - very cheap :D