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Apr 13, 2006 08:41 AM

comfort food downtown

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i have this want for some serious comfort food, this can be any culture, any style, anything... but the only requisite is that it really sits down at the bottom of your stomach and fills you up with warmth and goodness.

where do you go to get yours?

my usual is probably anything in a noodle/congee joint, but i'm curious to try other people's options.


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  1. as most when i get the craving for comfort food nothing is better than what you make yourself, however when the urge strikes unexpectantly I go to (don't laugh) Wimpeys, not for a burger but the hot chicken sandwich with mash and a ton of gravy or liver&onions mmmmm

    1. Warm cement? For greasy, satisying Teutonic goodness, nothing beats lunch on a busy Saturday at Brandt Meats in Mississauga--"Not downtown," as you'll predictably declare but worth a try, Princess. Nothing downtown comes close. Trust me.

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      1. re: Ronin

        i'm more interested in downtown simply because i don't own a car nor live near someone i know who does... so i prefer places i can ttc or walk to.

        however, there are a couple friends in the 'saug. i'll give em a shout about brandt meats one day.


        1. re: pinstripeprincess

          If you own (or have access to) a BBQ you could also pick up some sausages from Brandt next time you're out in the west end.

          Late last Friday afternoon we had our first impromptu BBQ and cooked up some nice brats to go along with their take out side fixin's, rye bread and whole seed mustard.

          Can't go wrong with their hot table, a little grease is ok once every few months :)

          Anyways, when I'm downtown and craving comfort food I'll usually hit a pizza shop. Papa Ceo's across from UofT Grad House is my current fave, so many slices to choose from...



          1. re: mosport

            Mosport, which of their sausages do you recommend?

            I went to their website and saw the many different types of sausage and couldn't decide! :)

            1. re: Lisa

              The ones we usually cook up are the Nuernberger Bratwurst or cooked Bratwurst sausages, these are the ones reccomended for BBQ'ing.

              Next time I'm planning on trying the Swiss Style Veal Bratwurst, try some of their macaroni salad while you're there too.

              With all the selection available, take the opportunity to taste them all!


              1. re: Lisa

                The trick with Brandt wurst is that they're all naturally cased. This makes 'em a bit delicate for careless grilling. Better to gently par-boil and then quickly grill. Their brats, knockwurst and plain weiners are sweet; the farmers' sausages are smokey heaven. I love these, esp. the minis, grilled under the broiler for breakfast.You'll never get wurst this fresh elsewhere--the factory's only about 30ft. away! A hidden gem and well worth the drive from downtown. Don't miss Dimpflmeier Bakery down on Advance just east of Kipling, either.

        2. Paneer Makhani plus naan: Nataraj
          Rare Beef Pho plus a spring roll: Pho Hung
          Fish and Chips plus a pint of Black Oak Pale Ale: Allen's
          BBQ ribs plus a couple glasses of "Big House Red": Relish

          1. Mmmm...comfort food that sticks with you

            Hungarian Goulash Soup and Chilled Cappuccino at the Coffee Mill in Yorkville
            Halibut Burrito at Burrito Boyz
            Falafels at Akram's
            Hot Dogs from Ernie (Ryerson Campus - Gould and Victoria)

            1. The Mars on College for:
              Corned Beef Hash
              2 eggs over easy
              dark rye toast
              cole slaw

              Oh yeah, babe!