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Apr 13, 2006 08:39 AM

Yerba Mate Gourd/Bombilla

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Could anybody suggest any place where I can find a selection of gourds/bombillas for Yerba Mate tea in Toronto?

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  1. Any of the Latin stores in Kensington Market should have them.

    Outside of downtown, there is Market Tino at Keele & Lawrence, Emporio de los Sandwiches on Wilson b/w Keele & Dufferin, and there is a store on Jane south of Wilson called Gaucho's (I think)

    I love Mate, but as I am no purist, Market Tino sells Cruz de Malta tea bags (mate cocido) that have been very convenient for me. I haven't yet seen these anywhere else, but then again I still have a large supply, so I haven't been shopping for it.


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      Julio's Carniceria on Dufferin south of Lawrence has a large selection of brands of Yerba leaves, and I think also of mates and bombillas as well.

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