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Apr 11, 2006 02:39 PM

Edward Levesque's

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Question -

My wife and I will be trying out this spot in the near future and I was just wondering what the consensus is on the following dishes -

-Green salad with white bean hommus
-Chicken breast wrapped in prosciutto

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I was there once, but I'm afraid that it wasn't the food that was memorable. Our server was so miserable, surly, and down right rude that it don't even remember what I ate.

    We later called to complain and found out that she was the owner's wife apparently. Never, ever, again.

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    1. re: regruve

      Since Levesque is a confirmed bachelor, I doubt that was the case.

      1. re: regruve

        Exactly my experience. Only the service was memorable. We must have had the same miserable, surly and down right rude server.

      2. I had a superb brunch there today. It was at the very least memorable. We'll be back for dinner.

        1. We had a very good dinner there over Christmas, the only thing I found... well... odd was when it came time to pay we put down two credit cards (as we often do when dining out with another couple, in order to split it down the middle and not nickel and dime over who had what) and were told "Edward doesn't like that". ???? Heck, even Boston Pizza and other chains let you split between two credit cards!

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          1. re: Corrie

            A perfect example of a chain restaurant having a better understanding of customer service than an independent.

          2. We used to go to Edward Levesque's for brunch every other weekend or so, but after receiving pretty crappy service several times in a row we've stopped going... I found the food to be good but not great. Barrio is a much better choice in the area, food is much better and the service is always great.

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            1. re: Vise

              I went there a year and a half ago for brunch and had yucky fishcakes from the lunch menu and my partner had a tough steak sandwich. We did get good service, however. With soooo many brunch options in the area, there seemed no need to try it again.

            2. I went once and they ran out of shrimp. One of our party ordered a pasta dish with shrimp but the staff decided not to say anything. When we asked where the shrimp was, they first said it was in the dish. When we pressed them they admitted that they had run out. Wonder why I've never returned?