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Apr 9, 2006 10:35 PM

Cuban Sandwiches?

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Are there any places where I can get [decent tasting] cuban sandwiches anywhere around here?

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  1. Cuban sandwiches? Cuba is not a country known for having much of anything as far as culinary. So I'm currious as to what you meen when you ask for Cuban Sandwiches?

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      1. re: Paul

        Ham, Roast Pork, pickles,and cheese, mustard or butter on a crusty roll-grilled pannini stlye. Heaven on a bun!!

        1. re: rob

          mmm......... sounds similar to those vietnamese sandwich buns but without the mayo and with some grill action, which is much much better.

          how much do they tend to go for?


      2. Julie's: 202 Dovercourt, 416-532-7397
        Latitude: 89 Harbord, 416-928-0926
        Bohemia Havana: 994 St Clair West, 416-913-0913

        1. There's a new place that just opened a month ago on the Danforth (at Broadview), don't know the name or exact address but it's right next door to Cafe Brussels, a few storefronts east of Broadvie, on north side of Danforth. The place is a beautifully designed tapas bar with a few tables, serving authentic cuban tapas. I went in one evening, ordered almost everything on the menu. One item was a cuban sandwich, best I ever had, and I've had lots, beats anything you find in Miami or Cuba for that matter.

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          1. re: Victualman

            Excuse the skepticism but I've spent alot of time down in the Miami area and I have difficulty believing the new joint on the Danforth can be better, or even close to the quality and authenticity of the vast array of Cuban restaurnats south of Miami. It's sort of like saying the new BBQ joint that just opened on Yonge street is better than any BBQ I've eaten in Carolina, Kansas or Texas-a little hard to swallow!!

            1. re: rob

              I agree, probably not as good but..
              Even if it is fairly good, I'm there. I having been hankering for a Cuban Sandwich for too long.

              Is this the place? I'm thinking it is not beside Cafe Brussels.

              Embrujo Flamenco Tapas Bar
              97 Danforth

              1. re: Mila

                The new place on Danforth is called Mambo Lounge. It's at 122 Danforth Ave. Haven't tried it yet, but have heard good things about it. I don't think Florida necessarily has a lock on good Cuban food. The owners of Mambo are Cuban, and like so many other immigrants to Toronto, they might actually make food as good as they do in their home countries. Or they might not.

                1. re: mister1970

                  Is the Mambo Lounge still open? I had a Cuban sandwich when we were in St. Pete's and it was delicious! So now I'm craving for more...

            2. re: Victualman

              What are cuban Tapas? I 'am from Cuba and I can tell you that there is no such thing as Tapas in Cuba. Spain yes Cuba no.

              1. re: John

                Thank you. I had this discussion with a friend who lives at Broadview and Danforth, because everytime I dragged her to a tapas bar, she would ask "is this like real Cuban tapas?" I finally said to her " I don't know why you keep asking me that, tapas are from Spain, there are no tapas in Cuba!!"

                She said it was because she keeps walking by Mambo Lounge which has Cuban Tapas.
                I'm sure it's fine, it's just not authentic.

              2. re: Victualman

                I don't know what makes me happier... that there is a place that serves authentic cuban sandwiches or that it is within walking distance of my apt!! If they serve a rockin cafe con leche with it, I will have died and gone to heaven. (or at least be taken back to my Miami days...)

              3. While it is not a Cuban restaurant by any stretch of the imagination, Beer Bistro has a stellar cuban sandwich on their new menu. Marinated, slow roasted pork, melted soft cheese, ham, and pickle. (Now I want one!)

                1. Cubano at Bar Italia, but it used to be much better than it has been lately ...

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                  1. re: francelonian

                    It's been my experience lately that perhaps Bar Italia has their eye off the ball. Cold food, poor service and wrong ingredients the last 2 visits.

                    Believe it or not the waffles I returned to the kitchen at brunch were hard and room temperature because they say they like to pre-make all the waffles first thing in the morning. They were so gross! Bar Italia isn't cheap. Serve fresh-made waffles.

                    The omelette that I switched to came with feta cheese when it was supposed to be asiago. And these problems came with so much bad attitude. The server's attitude was like why the hell don't you want cold waffles for brunch, it's how we do it? I didn't dare mention the cheese, and she never asked me how the omelette was.

                    The next visit brought cold coffee and a chicken sandwich that barely had any chicken in it. My friend ordered roast beef and after 20 minutes they told her there was no roast beef left. She opted for pizza which was as great as ever...