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Apr 9, 2006 01:28 PM


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Regardless of all the negative things I have read on this board I have been dying to go to Susur to see for myself. We went Saturday night, had the 5 course tasting menu and I have to say it was absolutely fantastic. Food was excellent as was the service! I am sorry to hear that so many people had negative experiences with the service because ours was just excellent. Bar none the highlight of the evening was when the server asked us if we wanted a tour of the kitchen which we readily accepted. We got to see the kitchens of both Susur AND Lee next door, meet the players including the man himself. An added touch that made the night.

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  1. Susur is wierd that way. I'm on record as having enjoyed my meal there but as also having been put off by the arbitrary seating (we were placed beside a very loud couple in an empty restaurant), the very high cost, which might have been worth it if we were not under such a severe time restriction. During our evening Mr. Lee also toured the room, but seemed uncomfortable doing so and had no interest in talking to our table: a tour of the kitchen would have been welcome.

    Anyhow, guess this all sounds like sour grapes, and I don't really mean it to be: just want to point out that there seems to be often wierd inconsistencies in the front of house which can mar the overall experience.

    The food, however, is sublime (though people argue over this as well!).

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      I was definitely pleasantly surprised by the experience after the reviews I have read by this board, if it's inconsistant I am glad we were there on a good night. Would definitely go back - no question.

    2. My last visit to Susur was a pleasant one. Maybe I was lucky since I've heard quite a lot of negative reviews about this restaurant.

      As usual, I took some pictures... Kinda dark though. If you are interested you can click the link below.


      1. Many people like to complain for the smallest things. Susur is stupendous! The food, the atmosphere, the service, everything!

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          ...and the two hour time limit on the 400 meal. I agree with everything your saying. They just need to drop the attitude....

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            i thought susur was amazing...i cannot come up with one negative comment...we, however did not receive the time limit...maybe it was because we dined very slowly and didn't give them the chance to get rid of us under 2hrs....

        2. off night is a great night anywhere else. Just make sure Susur is there and you are in for a treat. I think the off nights are heavily related to his being there

          1. If you get less than what you expect make sure you tell the host/hostess. Many years ago after having dined in Three Small Rooms at the Windsor Arms Hotel, I took a friend and her incredibly wealthy father. Without any prompting, the host came by and said that the staff was under the impression that they had not lived up to the standards they believed in. Now I dont know if they recognized this man or not, but when they invited him to return with their complimewnts (FREE) they got me as a customer for LIFE!!!! Unfortunately the place didnt survive the rebuild.