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Apr 8, 2006 06:17 PM

Gluten-free Food Sources?

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My SO has been diagnosed with Celiac disease meaning she cannot eat products with gluten (wheat/oat products). Unfortunately that cuts out a lot of the chow options we frequently indulge. We live in the Queen West area and are now in search of places/restos which carry gluten free foods. If anyone can help this would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Most restaurants have gluten-free options. Just avoid ordering bread, pasta, anything with soy sauce, and most desserts. It cuts down options, but it's not impossible to avoid gluten at most restaurants.

    Fressen (Queen W.), Fresh (various locations), and Vegetarian Haven (Baldwin) are examples of restaurants that explicitly indicate which dishes are gluten-free, but again, in restaurants that don't explicitly say what items are gluten-free you can simply ask.

    Check the website for Toronto's vegetarian association. They have a list of restaurants that are suitable for people with various dietary restrictions.

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      I found this lovely link when I did a google on gluten-free.


    2. Magic Oven on Liberty, and at Danforth and Broadview offers gluten free pasta and pizza options.

      1. FYI, you will also want to check out for all kinds of gluten free products!

        I am originally from Edmonton, where this business is based. They are now worldwide and very popular.

        Good luck

        1. As I said in a previous post, Loblaws at Queen's Quay & 24 hr Sobey's on the Queensway carry a lot of product in their Health Food sections, esp in the freezer. Sick Kids Hospital has a Specialty Food Shop, for people on special diets for allergies, intolerances, etc at 555 University Ave. website
          Bulk Barn, a bulk foods chain, carries a LOT of gluten free foods & mixes, but selection varies by location so call ahead. Feel Great Health Foods has a website with lots of gluten free foods, so click below.


          1. Here's a good take out Gluten Free Pizza place, not prices are higher but quality is too.
            2 locations; Broadview & Liberty Village