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Apr 4, 2006 03:32 PM

Grappa on College

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Thinking about going to Grappa restaraunt on College Street. Anyone been there lately? Comments? Can someone recommend some other places within walking distance from there?

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  1. i'm always the first to recommend it. old school service, food is always fantastic. highly recommended.

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    1. re: karen

      I fully agree, never been disappointed there!

      1. re: Tanya

        Sorry but I have to disagree - went there tw months back and had to send the duck back twice because it was cold and I swear it came back microwaved the third time. My guest had the gnocchi and it was plain awful and $20.

        1. re: O

          Superb...consistently great food, really good service and a cracking wine list. Its kinda old fashioned - in a good way. Have been going for years and without doubt consistently good - if someone has experienced an off assured, it is extremely rare.

    2. can anyone tell the price range for grappa?
      and how does the wine list look?