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Apr 3, 2006 04:45 AM

Authen. Latin/Spanish Restaurants ?

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Hi all,

looking for the real deal. Awsome food. Authentic recipes and ingredients. Reasonable damage to the bank account.

I already know of Segovia, Dna. Luz. Any more out there?

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. Torito on Augusta just south of College next to Supermarket and LaPalette


    1. I second Torito - went there a week after they opened and was blown away.

      1. I'm not familiar with much in the Spanish range, but for Latin American, here are a couple of suggestions:

        There's a Colombian restaurant - Mi Tierra - on St Clair that's very good, and according to the friend who took me (who lives in Colombia most of the year) is quite authentic. It's not an upscale dining experience, but it is very good food, and quite easy on the pocketbook.

        Also, Pura Vida is a Costa Rican restaurant that's smashingly good, at Bloor and Lansdowne, I think. Again, seems quite authentic (we had to make special arrangements to have a waitress who spoke English, for example) and is easy on the pocket book.

        I also quite like El Hornado Ecuadoriano on Keele @ Sheppard for take-out of delicious stews and roasted pork with great sides like these little chewy potato and cheese pancake things, or casava. Go for lunch as things are a little drier by dinner time. Huge lunches are $10.

        All of these are low/no atmosphere, but Pura Vida and Mi Tierra do, at least, have table service.

        1. There is a place on St. Clair that is Dominican food ~ fantastic and 'the real deal'! I know it as the 'friendly domincan' but it doesn't actually have that on the sign it's west of Christie and East of Oakwood on the South side of the street. Service is hit and miss and not a dining experience but the food is great and I always feel like I'm on vacation when I go. Don't go on Sunday because they have a buffet, order a la carte! Enjoy!

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            Is it La Carreta? I think they're somewhere around St. Clair and Oakwood...If so, I had their food at a party they catered, and it was quite tasty.

          2. Also Casa Barcelona on Bloor just E of Royal York. Good wine list too.