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Sun Valley, Idaho

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Any good dining spots in Sun Valley, Ketcham Idaho?

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  1. Ketchum Grill and Evegreen Bistro are my favorites in Sun Valley.

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      no trip complete without a stop at the pioneer saloon, a prime rib slab so large and good wine list.

    2. Evergreen is by far the best restaurant in town and the wine bar is pretty sweet as well.
      Ketchum Burritos, called KB's, is amazing. Try the fish tacos and they also have good beer.
      Grumpys is a lot of fun and they make good burgers.
      There is great sushi at sushi on second street, always fun and inventive.
      We eat at Seattle Ridge on the Mountain and we also always go to Galena Pass, they have pretty solid food at the lodge there.
      Have fun, we're headed there in about a week, pray for more snow!

      1. Evergreen no more. A local lot sure to inspire a bidding frenzy is the Evergreen Bistro Hail and Farewell—Times Four. The popular Ketchum eatery closed its doors in March of this year, after 20 years of business. That was in 2005

        Grumpys hasn't been a fun place for several years, but if thats what you like go for it. Burger Grill for the money, service and good food on main street in Ketchum is the place to go.

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          We've gone every year except last due to annoying work. I think we must have eaten at Evergreen a week or 2 before they closed....so sad.

          I'm sorry to hear Grumpys isn't any good. We used to go to watch final four and eat burgers.

          What would you recommend for a good dinner? Family is meeting us there and it's our Aunt's 68th birthday. We're doing sushi one night and the Grill another. Any suggestions? Do you live in the area? After Sun Valley we are going to Targhee and Jackson. In Jackson we are eating at the Yellowstone Garage, Koshu and the Snake River Grill. Any recommendations there?

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            The Ketchum Grill is always really good. Service is sometimes a little grumpy but the food makes up for it. CKs in Hailey is also great. Worth the drive from Ketchum.

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            Ok, back from Ketchum and Jackson Hole, here's the report:
            The Ketchum Grill was very good with a fun crowd.
            Went to Christina's for a late lunch, truly good food, authentic Italian.
            Vintage is quirky and the food is great. Small menu but definitely into food.
            Ketchum Burritos still wonderful with the best fish tacos.
            We went to Grumpys after a long day of snowboarding. The burger with the works was great, the beer also, and the crowd was fun.
            Jackson Hole was a wonderful eating experience. We went to the Old Yellowstone Garage twice, the Snake River Grill for a classic meal, and Koshu which, though it's small, has great food. Unbelievable wine in every restaurant plus solid cocktails!
            Even though we snowboarded from dawn till dusk I think we gained weight from all the great food and wine.

          3. Going to the Sawtooth Club for dinner with family tonight. Anyone ever been?

            1. Just returned from Sawtooth Club. GO if you want cocktails and hor d'ouerves. DON'T GO if you want dinner. Food was not bad, just very uninspired.

              1. I still love the Pio, Cristina's, Ciro, Grumpy's, Ketchum Grill. But I miss Warm Springs!

                1. First, it's K-E-T-C-H-U-M

                  In no particular order:

                  Rickshaw -- Asian, predominently Thai inspired. Consistently good with smallish portions.

                  Cristinas -- for breakfast or lunch

                  Ketchum Grill -- dinner only. Very consistent and a locals' favorite

                  Ciro -- Pizza and other stuff, Italian/mediterranian inspired. Good to dine in, but don't order takeout; they are completely clueless with how to do this

                  Rico's -- decent pizza and other Italianish stuff

                  The RAM at Sun Valley -- probably the best restaurant in the resort complex, with good service

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                    I am looking for a review of Vintage. Has anyone been?

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                      We love Vintage. We go on every trip to Sun Valley. The food is American, but with a twist. Get the roast duck if they have it. If not, Idaho lamb or trout are always good options. If you have questions, go talk to Jeff in the Kitchen. Not only did he autograph his cookbook for me, but he gave me his phone number and told me to call any time with questions. It is very, very small so make sure you have reservations.

                      Food wise, the "most gourmet" food in Sun Valley is Michel's Christiani. Its a fabulous restaurant, but much more formal.

                      If you like nordic skiing or snowshoeing, don't miss a trip up to the Galena Lodge. Its beautiful, the trails are amazing, and the food (and beer/mulled wine) shouldn't be missed. I love their elk burgers.

                      We used to love Felix, but the restaurant was sold a year ago. Felix is apparently involved, but I don't think he is cooking anymore (he usually comes out to greet the guests which he didn't do last year). The food was ok, but definitely not what it used to be.

                      Other good choices are the East Avenue Bistro. We love the lamb with goat cheese in Filo dough. Its rich, but delicious. Pioneer is always good, although the atmosphere may be better than the food. For a good steak, try the Sawtooth club!