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Danforth Greek

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We're heading for the Danforth friday evening
for some Greek food with a group of friends.
We lived in the area 4 years ago and knew the
restaurants however we haven't been back since.
Any recommendations are welcome.

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  1. Avli is the best as far as I am concerned. 401 Danforth, 416.461.9577.

    I quite like Pan also. The website link is below.

    Link: http://www.panonthedanforth.com/index...

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    1. re: happybelly

      Agreed. Avli is the best greek restaurant in the area. Fantastic dips, rabbit pie, stuffed breast of chicken.

      I also really like Soda, with one caveat - for some reason, its always empty! They have such a big space it feels a bit depressing. However every meal I've had there has been top notch.

      Mezes is good too.

      1. re: bobbob

        Just walked past Soda tonight - it's closed!! I've wondered how long it would take. I think it's been 9 years of an empty restaurant!!!

        1. re: mister1970

          I totally agree with others that Pantheon and Mezes are great places. I'd also like to add Ouzeri. I truly love their rosemary lamb pie. Lovely flaky filo pastry surrounding tender lamb pieces. Yum yum.

          1. re: mister1970

            Now thats a shame. I really think they should have taken the space and made it half the size - they could never get a critical mass of people in there.

            The food really was terrific - they had a superb veal tenderloin dinner. Maybe the best wine selection on the Danforth also (which admittedly isnt saying that much, but still!)

      2. Pantheon is very good - great fish and mezes.

        1. For an old-fashioned souvlaki house, I like Omonia - great people who own and run it, and the roast potatoes are the best of the style on the Danforth, not greasy or covered in orange gunk. The lamb souvlaki is excellent, as is the grilled octopus appetizer. I love the place also because it looks like it should be the lone Greek place in North Bay, rather than one of many in Toronto - right down to the terrible painting of a spit-roasting lamb on the side of the building! For smaller plates, we like the seafood platter and dips at Mezes. I've also heard great things about Avli and Pantheon, but I haven't tried either.

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          1. re: mister1970

            I could not agree more!
            Omonia is not as fancy as many of the other spots, but for a good hearty greek meal you just can't beat it!

            1. re: mister1970

              Yup--Omonia it is. That's where I always get my pork souvlaki on a bun for takeout. Juicy and flavourful. Mmmmm.

            2. r
              rafer madness

              do not go to MYTH. i tried it. it was a sunday night and we were the only one's in there the whole evening. salads sucked. i had high hopes, but they were squashed. i drowned my sorrows in halibut burrito a few hrs later at burrito boys. boo ya!

              1. Mezes is excellent, but always lined up, often out the door. Very good Greek wine list. Large menu with many items which go far beyond souvlaki.

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                1. re: Savannah

                  But they do take reservations.

                  1. re: Savannah

                    Agreed, Mezes is indeed excellent! The only downside is that you'll also have to jostle with the crowd for a table, good luck to you if attempting patio seating :)

                    My Mezes fave is the Zinnis special rice, but as mentioned by Savannah, the apps and entree menu is long so there's plenty room to explore new tastes.


                    Link: http://www.mezes.ca

                  2. Practically grew up on Greek food and live on/near the Danforth. I recommend Avli, Pantheon or Myth.

                    Let us know which one you choose...

                    1. Pantheon is my current standardbearer. Food that is done correctly and served with warmth and attentiveness. (Will try Avli as per the recs below.)

                      Will not go to Astoria, Mister or Friendly ever again. Food there has been spotty and the service ...cool.

                      A little east to the main strip, do consider Patris for that old-skule comfort thing they do -- the room untouched from the 60's/70's, the food is great in that humble, just do the work non-fancy way, and the service is friendly/familial.

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                      1. re: neighborguy

                        Sorry to say that I too was going there for that "out-of-the-way" family type spot.
                        We always arrive witrh those familiar 2 For 1 coupons and an appetite.
                        I don't know what happened this last time however, the service was so-so and the Chicken Souvlaki was very unflavourful.
                        There was a cook working in the kitchen that I did not recognize as a frequenter. Maybe they changed their supplier or recipe?
                        It was a step below what I have come to expect for Patris.

                        I live very close to Patris so I will be visiting them again. I recall when the place used to be one of those early small Dept. Stores. It was called Pennyworth's. They even kept the hardwood floors from all those years ago. :) in the 60's

                        The value is certainly something to consider. I considered not posting this however, I want to be honest, considering that I have suggested this place in the past.

                        Every restaurant has an off night so I hope this is the case here.


                        1. re: Poorboy

                          Unfortunately, Patris is not very good any more and hasn't been for quite a while. I think they are tired and don't try very hard.

                      2. We ended up going to Christina's (birthday girl's
                        choice) :-)
                        Food was okay except grilled red snapper which was
                        quite good.
                        Thanks for all the replies. I'm planning on Avli
                        and Pantheon in the future.

                        1. tried most that is mentioned here.....

                          my comment... stay away.

                          for example, asked for a greek salad... and got lettuce. (real greek salad has no lettuce but tomatoes, olives, feta, olive oil)

                          its 'easy' to have over cooked calimari. its harder to actual make greek food 'right'

                          and there are examples of greek gone north American.

                          tzegge (sp) i would die for. Garlic... has any of these rest ever heard of that ingredient????
                          Closes good greek rest... Montreal... Arahovia. where garlic isn't public enemy #1

                          have yet to find any real greek food on the danforth

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                          1. re: galambo

                            Have you been to Pantheon, Avli, Pan or Ouzeri? I haven't been to the last three in a few years but they are/were all among the better Greek places on Danforth Ave. I find it hard to believe that you didn't find real Greek food on Danforth.

                            You should order horiatiki salad if you want one without lettuce.

                            1. re: foodyDudey

                              Pantheon is my favourite on the Dantforth now.
                              I don't go for the salads, but I will take a look.
                              The portions are impressive and a lot to choose from.

                              1. re: Poorboy

                                Pantheon is also my current favourite (for the last 4 years or so). Quite a few of the waiters previously worked at Avli and Megas. The food is good and the service seems better than the other restaurants.

                                Megas used to be very good, but has somehow gone right down the drain. We went there for a friend's birthday in January and of 8 people, nobody liked the food. I had a hard time beleiving this was a place we liked in the past and recommended.

                                I stopped going to Avli about 4 years back, when I saw a gradual decline in the food. It used to be our #1 location. We kept going back at least 3 times to make sure it wasn't just a bad day, but they finally struck out. I see people are still saying they like it so maybe Avli is back on track - I'll have to check them out again.

                                Myth was very good as in the past but I have not been there for dinner in 2 years.