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Mar 25, 2006 10:59 AM

dim sum cafe on Danforth, next to Christina's

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I had a nice assortment of dim sum here yesterday.
The deep fried squid with garlic pepper sauce was probably the best deep fried squid I've ordered this year. The har gow was had a little coriander and shredded carrot added to the dumpling to give it a little kick. The panfried turnip cake was great...crisp on the outside. Good Bbq pork buns, and steamed cream buns. I also liked their sticky rice in lotus leaf. Was not impressed with their siu mai, which I suspect were frozen, or the rice noodle roll with BBQ pork...but I would order everything else again....

Nice service, too.

Comparable to Cha liu was $42 for 2, but that gave us a ton of food. On the whole, I thought the quality was higher than the cheaper spots on Gerrard or Spadina, although I think I still prefer Rol San and Ambassador overall.

Will definitely return.

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  1. I agree - Bamboo Cafe is a great place for dim sum, also the dishes on the main menu are all prepared well.
    The higher prices are well worth the nice atmosphere and service compared to places on Gerrard and Chinatown. And they deliver too!

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      I looked at their menu when it dropped in the mailbox and didn't see a lot of variety, dim sum-wise. I was spoiled by cha liu delivery when I lived in North Toronto, and have been desperate for a replacement in the new 'hood. Is the in-house menu more extensive?