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Mar 24, 2006 03:23 PM

HELP - Looking for real Hakka Food in TO!!!

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Does anyone know where I can find real Hakka food in TO???

I've tried the infamous Fredricks and I was quite turned off by what was offered.

My parents are of Hakka origin, and I can tell you what they serve at these so-called Hakka restaurants in TO is quite a liberal interpretation of Hakka food.

The Hakka are actually a nomadic people in China that migrated from the North to the South. Since they were on the move a lot, they had to create dishes out of ingredients that would not spoil readily. Hence, their widespread use of preserved vegetables and meats.

True Hakka food includes braised belly pork with preserved vegetables, various stir fried meats with preserved vegetables in a rice wine flavoured sauce, and various vegetables or tofu stuffed with minced meat and fish.

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  1. Kimling on Lawrence East at Birchmount.

    1. Try Federicks in Scarborough. It's the best !

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      1. re: Diao nia meh

        The original poster indicated that this place was already tried and dismissed.

        1. re: Diao nia meh

          your opinion.

          mine was just the reverse.

          bad food with alot of hype.

          stay away!!!!

          1. re: bob

            Federick's is actually the worst. I did a taste test with a friend of a bunch of "Hakka" joints. Federick's was really the worst, by far.

          2. It's a problem. The only real Hakka(ke jia, lit. "Guest People" in Guoyu)resto I knew of was the original Lee Gardens on Spadina where the cooks and chefs were all Meixian speakers and the food was legit. Now, I'm not so sure. I need to ask around and find out since there's bound to be someone in the east end who does the real thing. The closest analog to the Hakkas are probably the Cajuns if you're grasping for parallels. Socio-historical rants aside, the so-called Hakka food that's Indo-Chinese fusion doesn't have much--if anything--to do with mainland cuisine.

            1. lin garden, vic park and sheppard

              1. I have always enjoyed the Hakka options at Danforth Dragon at 861 Danforth Avenue, between Pape and Donlands, on the south side. Not the best atmosphere, but the food, in my opinion, is excellent.

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                  I second the posting about the Danforth Dragon (861 Danforth) ...excellent food!!!!! My taste buds were soaring for days