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I have a lunch meeting on Monday in the Queen East & Broadview area. Any suggestions where we might find some good food in a pleasant setting?? Thanks for your replies.

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  1. Delicious food at Bonjour Brioche!

    It's at Degrassi and Queen, just east of Broadview about two or three streets.

    You can take away some great bread and sweets.

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      I don't think they are open on Mondays, and FYI they don't take reservations or credit cards, but the food is very nice.

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        They do have a nice product but the service and attitude is snotty.Again last week I copped a bit of attitude by a coffee laden server while I was getting take out.Seeing staff out number guests 2-1 ya think they would have it easy.The baguette is quite nice as well as the jam bake well cookies.

      2. More choices as you move east.
        Just east of Bonjour Brioche about a block is a cafe on the corner, either Joy or Jov. You can't miss it. Also, farther east is Barrio on the same side of the street...not sure about lunch though.
        There's also a cafe on the south side of Queen, about 1 block north of Broadview, sorry I don't know the name.

        1. I just noticed the lunch specials on the window for KUBO radio - which is just east of Barrio on Queen..they looked really yummy...and very reasonably priced..look forward to trying them myself!

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            My bet is Kubo Radio.Creative specials and decent portions.Mitch in the kitchen is definatley one to watch in the future.Good service, clean place.Try a cupcake for dessert as well.

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              Mitch? Mitchell Lipperman? Are you crazy? As mentioned, looking cool might be the best thing about this place it has been brutal in my past experiences.

          2. d
            Dinin' and Dishin'

            Depending on what you are looking for, the Dominion on Queen (at Sumach) is a little farther east. It is mostly pub food. You can check out the menu on their Web site. I usually go to see live music on Saturday afternoons, so I've never checked it out during the week. But they've been around since the 1800's, so they must be getting something right.

            Link: http://dominiononqueen.com/

            1. - Bonjour Brioche has good food but really crappy service and a layout that would not be suitable for a meeting. Probably closed Monday.

              - Joy has inconsistent food and service, with both veering between excellent and pretty bad. As a meeting venue, it would be fine.

              - Barrio has good food and would work if they aren't busy, but it lacks privacy when they are. Monday opening not known.

              - You might like Kubo Radio if you are young and consider yourselves "cool", but food and service are pretty bad and the noise level can be very high. I loathe the place, but that's not a universal opinion.

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                the original posted probably doesn't care if a place is open Monday as she posted a year ago!

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                  And is it just me, or does Bonjour Brioche have a serious problem with ventilation???

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                    I was only there once, on the patio, and I wasn't impressed enough to go back and put up with the (snotty) service. There are too many other options in that area with great brunch, IMHO.

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                      Bonjour Brioche has a VERY serious problem with ventilation. It affects more than just their store. When they are cooking onions, anyone in the doctor's/lawyer's offices next door needs their clothes washed and a shower.

                  2. Mark,
                    Are we going to try to get a Foodie get together again anytime?

                    At least someplace in the area or the Distillery District etc. ?


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                      The Wokker is pretty good if you want Chinese, on the expensive side but good.

                      Decent Jerk and the Real Jerk, get a nice stout to go with it.