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Feb 5, 2002 02:07 PM

Orcas and San Juan Island---best bets

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Hi everyone
I'll be taking a long weekend on the islands (my first trip!!!!) and I'd love suggestions for where to eat the finest meal. I know Christina's on Orcas has a great reputation---is it worth it?
What about a great bakery or brunch place?
What about Duck Soup Inn?
thanks in advance for you help!

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  1. I know some of you must've been to this area! Please offer suggestions...

    1. Friday Harbor House, a bread and breakfast on San Juan Island, has a wonderful restaurant.

      1. Check out Duck Soup Inn ( It is by far the best restaurant on the island. It dos not have rooms, but there are several B&B's close to Duck Soup.

        1. I missed DSI when I was on San Juan (They were closed for the winter. If you plan to go, you should make sure that their reopening date is not after your visit. I think I recall that they're only open a few days a week, too.), but had the good fortune to dine at 120 Nichols, which was excellent. Feel free to use its name to search for my contemporaneous post.

          1. I suggest you try The Place or Steps in Friday Harbor for small, very nice places with fine kitchens and very good service. The best bakery (maybe in the whole state) is Big Barn Bakes in Friday Harbor.