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Mar 22, 2006 12:09 PM

Champion House Restaurant

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Did the Champion House Restaurant in China Town close?

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  1. Yes. Early in 2005 I went there knowing only the address, but when I got there, there was no Champion House. Too bad too, I often heard that it had the best Peking duck in the city.

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    1. re: Brain of J

      I loved their "Champion House Shrimp".

      They also had a location on Hurontario (Highway 10)just south of 401 in Mississauga. I believe it is still open but call to verify.

      1. re: Suzie

        Sorry, they're long gone from that location on Hurontario.

        1. re: Suzie

          I am reviving a very old thread, because for some reason, I was thinking about these shrimp last night: does anyone know of a substitute location for those spicy caramelly yummy shrimp? I also recall that they used to have a handout for the recipe, from the old Toronto Star TV guide: does anyone have one to share? I am nostalgic for my introduction to non-food court Chinese food from so many years ago!

          1. re: badrockandroll

            I believe I have the recipe somewhere in my files. I will do a search and get back to you.

            1. re: millygirl

              Why thank you very much, Millygirl - very nice of you!

              1. re: badrockandroll

                Hey Millygirl!
                I just had a craving for those same shrimp. I used to live in the area when in University and they were always a big treat. Did you find that recipe?

                1. re: gabtrac

                  Sorry, I forgot all about it. I will check today for sure and get back to you.

                  1. re: millygirl

                    You Rock!
                    Thank you for taking the time.
                    I used to have the Toronto Star article on my fridge - for years. I don't know what happened to it.
                    Yesterday I went on the Star archives web site and searched for an hour with no results - shitty...
                    Anyway, thanks again.


                    1. re: gabtrac

                      I am glad to know that I'm not the only one pining for those shrimp! I'm going to bump this thread to revive other half of my question; does anyone know of a restaurant in T.O that serves the same style of shrimp as the Champion House did all those years ago?

                      1. re: badrockandroll

                        Friend has the recipe - have requested it. So.. who remembers Mr and Mrs. Sung and their children? Going back a l-o-n-g way!

                        1. re: ElizabethS

                          I love the internet for just this reason!

                          1. re: ElizabethS

                            Friend back in town - looking for recipe!

                            1. re: ElizabethS

                              Okay here we go folks....Champion House Shrimp #44 recipe

                              I'm thinking this might have to go on the Home Cooking board so please check there :)

                              1. re: millygirl

                                Here's a link to the recipe that millygirl posted: Don't know if I'll ever make it, but I do vividly remember those shrimp. Thanks, millygirl!

                                1. re: millygirl

                                  Hey Millygirl - THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!
                                  I can't wait to try this out!

                      2. re: gabtrac

                        There is an indian restaurant in Ottawa called Haveli that has the same item in their indian chinese section called Shrimp Haveli. Almost exactly the same and very very good. Must try if you visit Ottawa.

                    1. re: ThisCanada

                      Very cool.
                      But I can't really read it.
                      Is there anyway to get a better image?


                      1. re: gabtrac

                        Right click on image and 'save as JPEG" then open with a pix program and enlarge. Not great but make it legible enough to use. CH was a hole in the wall 25 years ago but this was a great dish....have replicated it at home and the results were 90% but I could never get the crispy snap/shatter to the glaze exactly like they did. Good luck.

                        1. re: ThisCanada

                          Yes, the flavour is there... but that lovely delicate crunch - can't get it.
                          Thank again - really much appreciated!

              2. I'm reviving this old thread because I think I've found a match for those shrimp (albeit with chicken) at Szechuan Gourmet on Steeles just west of Bathurst. We went there for dinner last night for the first time in about 10 years. It was very good old-school Canadianized Szechuan.

                Their Crispy Ginger Chicken was out of this world. An amazingly crisp and light exterior, succulent chicken within, and a gooey, almost black sauce that was nowhere near as sweet as it looked (a good thing). I'm not sure if they have shrimp this way on the menu (I no longer order shrimp in restaurants), but I'm sure they'd make it on request. They give you a choice of spice levels; we chose medium but will go for hot next time.

                The rest of the food we had was fresh and flavourful.


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                1. re: Tatai

                  This sounds a lot like the "Palace Sauteed Shrimp" at Tasty Chinese Restaurant on Eglinton, which are delicious.

                  Might be worth checking out for those that miss Champion House's shrimp. I never made it to Champion House so cannot fully comment on how similiar the two dishes are, but they sound similar.

                  1. re: Tatai

                    I finally tried the crispy ginger chicken at Szechuan Gourmet and must say it was delicious. It tasted and looked exactly like the Palace Sautéed Shrimp at the now-closed Tasty Chinese Restaurant on Eglinton. But made with chicken instead of shrimp. (Shame about Tasty closing. Them was some good eats.)

                    Not sure I was that thrilled with the other dishes I tried at Szechuan Gourmet. I think I might have ordered the wrong things. The crispy ginger chicken will get me to return and try other things I saw on people’s tables that looked promising.

                    Btw, I asked the waiter if the kitchen would substitute shrimp for chicken in this dish and although he seemed a tad reluctant he seemed to believe they might for a $1 charge. So there you go…. Tasty and Champion House’s shrimp might have a chance at living on.

                    In terms of ambiance this place is great. Very much what I grew up with in terms of old school Canadianized Chinese. Simple, boisterous, upbeat. People enjoying themselves. Will return.