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Mar 21, 2006 11:07 PM

penguins and tim tams help..

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does anyone know where i could find mcvities penguins in toronto? and on that note, have tim tams disappeared from toronto as well?

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  1. Nutty Chocolatier, at least the store in the Beaches, carried Penguins not that long ago, don't know if they still do. Big selection of British sweets, crisps, pickles, etc.

    1. I've spotted Tim Tams at some Hasty Mar(ke)t locations. Definitely the one at Elm & University.

      1. Looking for tim tams in Toronto - anyone??

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        1. re: morgan

          I wrote to Arnott's in Australia yesterday and the rep told me that Loblaws now carries the original Tim Tams.

          Can anyone confirm that?

          1. re: Zengarden

            I can't confirm Loblaws carries them, but if they di, I'll race you for them!

            Last year, I found them absurdly, in the candy/chip aisle at the Dominion on Front Street, across from the St. Lawrence. They were not called Tim Tams though, but "Arnotts." I scooped up all 8 packages for my husband, the Aussie in the family.

            Loblaws definitely carries Vegemite if you need a stash of that too.

            1. re: Kai

              Loblaws and a number of other places carried them up until a year or so ago, under the name of "Arnott's Originals" (if I remember correctly) but I haven't seen them in quite a while. I had assumed that they had been dropped. They were quite expensive; if I wasn't already a Tim Tam devotee I probably would have given them a miss.

        2. Nutty Choc. is a good source.

          They're also available for $3.99 a pack at:


          1. Nutty Chocolatier is a little expensive. There's a store near the food court in Eglinton Town Square that is all British foods, and fairly cheap. Now if I could just find cheap Jaffa Cakes- Nutty Choc sells them for $7 a package!