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Mar 21, 2006 01:50 PM

Where To Find Jicama?

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Does anyone know where you can buy Jicama in Toronto? I tried the Big Carrot last weekend and they don't sell it. Has anyone seen it around town? Thanks in advance!

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  1. try Sun Valley, east of the carrot. They always have that kind of stuff

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    1. re: jill

      Saw some at Highland Farms not too long ago

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      I've frequently seen it at the bigger Loblaws Markets.

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      1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

        Also seen it at Dominion and St Lawrence market.

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          Any particular Loblaws locations?

        2. Highland Farms always has Jicama. A good place to buy it is at a fruit store on bathurst , north of glencairn on the east side.... sorry I don't know the name, but the jicama there is always excellent.

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            Thanks to everyone for all their input, I really appreciate it!

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            George in the jungle

            You can get them in any chinese store in China Town, and it is half price compare to all the big store they were recommanded

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              I joined to ask this question, then saw I'm restarting a 4 year old thread ... oh well

              >> get them in any chinese store in China Town,

              What do I ask for - I've asked for help in a couple of those stores a bunch of times & few of them understand me ((lived on Baldwin near the LCBO, shopped in Chinatown there all the time, always had to find the stuff myself)

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                I have found jicama at the sobey's on Bloor in the Annex.

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                  Longo's always has jicama. My Loblaw's sometimes has jicama.

                  As for what to ask for in a Chinese market -- your best bet is to show a photo (either on your phone or print one from online).

              2. You can get them at T & T and most chinese supermarket.