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Mar 20, 2006 06:12 AM

regal heights bistro

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any thoughts on regal heights bistro?

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  1. Liked the ambience, comfortable place, decent service with a few nice beers on tap. Found the food to be very mediocre. The famed onion soup looked fantastic but tasted ok. I had a cornish hen special which was overly dry.

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      Regal Heights is something that people generally miss due to its inability to jump out at you on the street. They have INCREDIBLE gelato that the owner is apparently making from scratch in house! An employee prided themself by saying that they do not use pastes and powders like other gelato producers (even the great La Paloma down the street is cheaping out at a higher price than it should be at). I went to a gelato cafe on Church to compare to find...the employee admitting that they use bases and equalizers. Regal's vanilla gelato is unmatchable taste-wise. My other favorites are the calamari, CAPRESE salad, chicken liver pate, duck confit and last but not least, the creme brulee (I've been there a few times). Pizza is a definite strength as well. Try the mushroom pizza. It's nice with the gorgonzola. Downtown is Terroni's turf, but mid town is definitely Regal's! Brunch is tasty too. They were in the Star on Sunday for their Shirred Eggs.

      1. Regal Heights is one of the most confusing places I've encountered. It's beautiful, has friendly (and competent) service, a gorgeous menu (often featuring local items) and impressive wine list, and yet, it's hours are ridiculous (no lunch? even on the weekends?), and in the evening the place is often quite empty. It's mystifying. Maybe this end of St.Clair W. is just a dead zone for restaurants.