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Mar 16, 2006 12:33 PM

Indian suggestions for Downtown TO.

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Anyone have any good choices for Indian in the theatre district?

S.O. is having a spa weekend with girlfriend.


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  1. I hear very good things about Dhaba. I haven't been there myself. But the word is good.

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    1. re: Fwagra

      I don't particularly like Dhaba, but I've only been there once or twice.

      My favourite in the neighbourhood is Little India on Queen. It's between John & University on the south side. I think they usually run a buffet, and it's fantastic and inexpensive. There are a few Indian restaurants in that stretch, but Little India remains my favourite.

      Little India Restaurant
      255 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1Z4
      (416) 205-9836

      1. re: xtal

        I heartily second the recommendation of Little India on Queen West.

      2. re: Fwagra

        The one time we went to Dhaba the food was just okay but the attitude of the staff was awful. I wouldn't go back and don't understand their reputation.

      3. Trimurti on Queen near Duncan.

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        1. re: PT

          I enthusiastically second the recommendation for Trimurti. Little India, as others have suggested, is also not bad but I prefer Trimurti over Little India. And I do not recommend Dhaba... their food is overrated and service is rather pushy.

          1. re: Juniper

            Another vote for Trimurti. Also don't like Dhaba.
            Haven't tried Little India.

            1. re: estufarian

              As far as the Queen West Indian debate goes, I'd give Little India the edge for lunch buffet (and for the meatiest tandoori chicken around), Trimurti for a la carte, with service equally pleasant at both.

              Haven't tried the new place next to Little India and consistently surly service at Babur turned me off.

              1. re: jamie

                Actually, I agree with your assessment of Little India vs. Trimurti.

                1. re: jamie

                  Babur has really bad service and their food sucks. Little India is delicious. Great Palak paneer and the veg platter is huge...big enough for 2 without a doubt!

            1. re: Toots

              The one time I ate at Dhaba, the food was bland, lukewarm and really uninspiring. And the service was incredibly spotty.

              1. re: Jo

                I agree. Not one of the better places.

            2. it's a bit out of your way so it depends if you're driving or transiting. if you're driving then i highly reccomend saffron tree on gerrard at elizabeth (just west of bay).

              best matar paneer i've ever had, and i've had lots.

              1. I had been really down on Dhaba for several years, and I couldn't understand the hype. The food was blah on a fairly large number of visits (office things) and the service generally unfriendly. But I recently had a meal there that was truly wonderful.

                The tandoori rack of lamb was served rare and was redolent of complex spices. Equally good were a Balti chicken dish, a mango lassi, and the naan. The lamb vindaloo had a fabulous sauce, with layers of flavour coming through the requisite heat, though the meat could have been a bit more tender. Saffron rice was adequate.

                Service was good. However, it was amusing to see the server's expression and attitude undergo a drastic change when he warned us away from the vindaloo ("too spicy for us") and we told him hot was okay. In a flash. he changed from distant to friendly.