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Mar 16, 2006 09:14 AM

Don Mills & Sheppard

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Moving to Don Mills & Sheppard next week, and very much looking for advice on restaurants, take out, etc. in the area. All types of food willingly tried, and all price points appreciated.


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  1. Definitely check out Lin Garden (at Sheppard & Pharmacy) for hakka (indian style chinese). Our regular order of chili chicken, house shrimp, and green beans can't be beat.

    You should also try Johnny's at Vic Park/Sheppard for burgers and the Lighthouse (in the plaza beside Johnny's) for decent fish & chips.

    I work in the area so we hit those places for lunch on occasion...

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    1. re: Vise

      Johnny's is nothing special. It is cheap, but that's about all. People seem to confuse cheap with good.

      Generally though, there isn't much around there.

      1. re: wordsworth

        I tried Johnny's once and agree there is nothing at all to fuss about. In reality, I would say say that the meat in the burger is weird, not definitive beef characteristics, maybe fatty cheaper ground pork mixed with beef, don't know. It is fortunate that I have locally in downtown Bolton Cheeks Gourmet Hamburgers ( decades ago they were at Dufferin & Queen ). The various Chains almost always do a poor job, however I picked up 2 kids after school and had to take them to Harvey's. The Harvey's meat patty is terrible, and I'd rather not eat. I did decide to try the Angus burger and for the extra buck, it was quite tasty and well worth it. That only means, I may once again try the Angus Burger, never the regular though!!!

    2. The Fish House is pretty good, nothing spectacular, but fairly reliable. It's located on the south side of Sheppard between Don Mills and Victoria Park.

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      1. re: Brain of J

        The Fish House is no longer there. They moved to Markham near Woodbine Ave. & Denison.

      2. There's not a lot that is fantastic in this area. I grew up in the Don Mills and Finch area.

        I agree that Lin Garden is a definite must-try. The Green Beans are my favourite.

        You could travel down to Leslie and York Mills and visit Crazy Sushi or for even better Japanese, try out Katsura at the Prince Hotel at Don Mills and York Mills. They have Teppanyaki tables too.

        Travel north on Don Mills to the Peanut Plaza and have a cheap jerk chicken or jerk pork at Mr. Jerk (strictly take-out). Don't forget to get a jamaican patty at Allen's inside the Peanut later on for a snack.

        Go to Jerusalem for some Middle Eastern delights on Leslie just north of Sheppard.

        If you're looking for a good greasy burger joint, try Johnny's at Sheppard and Victoria Park. It's an institution in this area.

        Just south of Johnny's is a strip plaza with a nice place to get greek Spanakopita (spinach and feta pies). I forget the name.

        That's it for now.


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        1. re: Chaagy

          Is there a pho place near here?
          My friend lives at Don Mills and Lawrence and wants to find the closest pho restaurant to his place. What is the closest one to that intersection?

          1. re: kwong

            Although I don't like the food at Congee Queen, they do serve Pho, and it is not bad.
            They are right there so your friend could walk across the street.

            1. re: erly

              I've been there a few times and I see lots of noodle soups, but didn't see any pho. How does the pho at CQ compare to say, pho88 at bamburgh?

              1. re: kwong

                I had just recently written a negative review of my past favourite Pho 88.
                For a Chinese (Congee Queen) restaurant the Pho is not bad.
                Better than my last experience at Pho 88
                I recommeded it only because is exactly the location you requested.

                1. re: erly

                  Other than CQ, what would be the second closest pho place to Don Mills and Lawrence?

                  1. re: kwong

                    The closest that I am aware of would be Krispy Rolls
                    on Warden, just a couple of doors south of Eglinton, on the east side.
                    The pho is quite decent there, as are most of the app's.
                    Main courses are so-so

                    1. re: erly

                      I think the Pho Saigon is right at the corner of Eglinton and Warden too. It's too bad there isn't anything else closer to Don Mills and Lawrence (at least not that I know of).

        2. Thank you to everyone who responded. Lin Garden is already one of my favourites (work fairly close to there) and I'll be trying out everyone's suggestions. Thanks again!

          1. With the exception of Lin Garden, it looks as though your pretty much moving into a culinary wasteland: