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Mar 15, 2006 11:02 PM

Best Fish monger in TO?

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looking for a place to buy sashimi grade fish
although i know there are no specification of what sashimi grade fish is, i would just like to find a place to very very fresh fish.

I only know of Taro fish. I don't really trust the fish mongers in St. Lawrence market so any other recommendation?
City Fish? Pieces? anywhere else?

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  1. you pretty much nailed it with your list already

    there's also t&t

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      1. re: Chester

        J-Town is great - small selection but oh the freshness! Sea urchin that is buttery and wonderful. Monkfish liver to die for! They even have a sushi counter next door.

      2. re: sanjay

        Any particular reason you've written off the entire St. Lawrence Market? Most of the good restaurants downtown purchase their meat and fish there. The stall called "Mikes" has a good reputation, including a great recommendation by international food writer Gina Mallet in a recent book. They also claim to be "ethical" fish mongers, refusing to sell types of fish that are endangered or overfished, which is not the case for most other fish sellers, unfortunately.

        1. re: Gary

          Mike's is great. It is really a first class fish market.

          1. re: js288uk

            I prefer Dominic's. It's a bit cheaper and as I understand it, Mike supplies them with their fish anyway.


      3. Newport Fish Importers. 1140 Dupont (NE corner of Dupont and Dufferin). They are wholesalers and have a retail outlet there too. Specialize in Portuguese fish, flown in daily.

        1. what about the guys in Kensington - are any much better than the other? Or which one is the best of the 3 or 4 that are there?

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          1. re: dannyboy

            I wouldn't buy fish in Kensington ... doubious quality and doubious freshness. Mike's in the St. Lawrence maqrket is where I go.

            1. re: MTC
              peppermint pate

              I buy some seafood and a bit of fish at Seaway in Kensington - prices are great and for select fish, the quality is quite good but not sashimi quality. For that, I'd agree with Taro, Mike's at St. Lawrence Market or Pisces.

              1. re: peppermint pate

                I would also recommend Mike's at St. Lawrence Market. I've been buying from them weekly for years, and note the other adjacent stalls seem a bit tacky, especially since they renovated their's last year. I've never been disappointed with their variety or quality. They'll also vacuum pack your purchases should you need to freeze them.

                By 2-3 p.m. Saturdays, all fish goes on sale, so you can really get some good bargains.

                I have tried to buy fish in Kensington, but can't get past the "fishy" smell of some of the shops, which gives thought to freshness and quality.


                1. re: FoodieGirl

                  I agree, you can very clearly smell the fishiness just by walking past the stores while the doors are even the slightest bit ajar.

                  1. re: Curtis
                    peppermint pate

                    I agree that Kensington's not the greatest for most fresh fish/seafood (a few exceptions) but doesn't most of the fishy smell come from the dried fish (salted cod?) on display at the Caribbean places?

                  2. re: FoodieGirl

                    I don't understand the complaint with the fish smell. It's fish, it should smell like fish, just like a cheese shop should smell of cheese and a butcher should have a meat smell. Maybe those "odorless" stalls at St. Lawrence would smell fishy too if they were in small Kensington stores instead of a great big hall. You can tell much, much more about the freshness of fish by looking at it than by juding from the smell that comes through the door.

                    1. re: Dyl

                      No, actually, the last thing fish should smell like is fish. Oddly enough. While it seems to make sense, what fish should smell like, if anything, is the sea. Fishy smell comes when the fish is decomposing.
                      That said, I see a lot of fish places that have salt cod and fish heads and stuff that can stink a place up.

                      As for where to buy sashimi grade fish. I'd probably go to SLM. I'd let them know what it's for and see if you can get some cut fresh. Rather than some that's been cut and sitting out.


                      1. re: Davwud

                        I concur with DT.
                        Fish should not smell like Fish if it is fresh.

                2. re: MTC

                  I too would not buy fish in Kensington, it never seems really fresh at any of the fishmongers. I'm a fan of Seafront at St. Lawrence market

              2. I'v always been very happy with the sushi-grade tuna at Domenic's at St Lawrence.

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                1. re: Ice Queen

                  Domenic's is my fish monger of choice in the city.


                2. The original comment has been removed