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coca tea

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Anyone know where to buy coca tea in Toronto? I don't want to order it online.


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  1. If anyone is interested, I was able to track this tea down at Luba's Coffees in St. Lawrence Market.

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      Are you serious? I thought coca tea was very illegal! I can't imagine it's the real thing. Someone might be tempted to buy a few tons and set up their own illegal coke lab :-)

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        The tea is decocainized, but it still contains trace amounts (think non-alcoholic beer). It has a taste similar to yerba mate, and gives a similar energy boost.

        This is the brand that they sell: http://nacionalte.com/coca_mate_nasa_...

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        Thanks for the tip! I was also looking for coca tea in toronto. I bought some yesterday (about $10 for 20 bags). It tastes a lot like yerba mate (which is much much cheaper!)

        Does anyone know if you can import coca leaves if you buy it from a tea store over the internet?

        1. re: uosdwis

          Amazon.com , they control the coca tea market in US , Canada & Europe , you can only order a few boxes....