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Mar 10, 2006 02:24 PM

Ferrovia Ristorante

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Has anybody been to this restaurant? I think it's located near Bayview and Steeles. I'm going on Sunday and I was wondering if anybody have suggestions as to dishes I should try?

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  1. I've been to it. It's located on Bayview just north of Steeles at the Longo's plaza. Every time I've been there the menu has been different (I guess it changes seasonally) but I've always enjoyed it. A bit pricey but very good.

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      Been there over half a dozen times. One of the best bistro in the area. Food consistantly good but not as good as Tutto Bene (Yonge & Hwy 7). Price very reasonable for a Toronto Life 3 star especially the 3 course prix fix on Sunday and Monday. Only $25!! One of the best 'lamb shank' around and at a good price too! Can be very busy so book ahead.

    2. Food OK and strip mall ambience.

        Just went- loved it! Service was great! Ambiance was for anyone - cozy and nice! All ages...lots of room for parties and romantic dates under one roof. Small space - great and larger sized hungry!
        Enjoy! APRIL 2012 I'll be back!

        1. Just went three hours ago.
          Loved it! Nice atmosphere!
          NOT PRICEY at all! Normal for this type of resto.
          Closer to John Street.
          Antipasto plate- great for 2 or 3. Lamb Shank - fabulous with the gnocchi, Pasta with hot Italian Sausage great! MM Creme brulee.... Enjoy!

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            Personally, I prefer Tutto Benne for the atmosphere and I think the foot is marginally better. You won't go wrong with either decision!

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                Depend on dishes - Yes!
                Tutto Bene's 'Grilled seafood medley with Lobster Boullabaise broth' is awesome and IMO, one of the tastiest dish in the GTA. Their Veal Chop and Calves liver, both with excellent, intense flavoured sauces are also superb.
                But then, for the taste and money, Ferrovia's lamb shank is indeed unbeatable!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  If you are ever downtown...I suggest Toni Bulloni's....I think you would enjoy it! It's my favourite....after over a decade.