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Mar 10, 2006 10:09 AM

Lettuce Eatery

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Has anyone every been to the Lettuce Eatery? I walk by it often at the TD Centre Food Court. Is it any good? Worth trying? It always seems busy.

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  1. I think its pretty good, asian chicken is what i get, and i'm not really a salad kinda girl...tastes better when someone else buys though, pretty pricey...$9+ for a salad

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      The cheapest is a salad wrap at $4.95 without protein. Regular salad is $5.95, proteins add $2. I like the tremendous choices you can get and the freshness of the greens. I work just above the Bloor location and I usually go afer 1 as the lineup during noon hour is way too long.


    2. Had the cobb at the bloor location. It was a big portion but it is pricey

      1. I've tried a few, my favs are the cob or fiesta. It seems pricey, but if you consider that a side salad, at 1/3 the amount and nowhere near the amount of "stuff" costs $3.50 at a Cultures or similar type joint, it's not a bad deal for a full meal.

        1. The same concept over at Commerce Court (Fast Fresh Food) is better value - same price range but no limits on how many things you can add to your salad (some items cost extra) and they also have a made to order grilled sandwich section.

          1. I agree with all you guys. Lettuce is expensive and not very tasty for the big bucks they are asking. Let me put it bluntly and truthfully...Lettuce is overpriced yuppie garbage food. For a $10 salad they can't even make the salad dressing tasty. No hints of garlic in the ceasar. No traces of dill in the creamy dill. EVERYTHING is at extra charge. The stuff is so bland it's ridiculous. I love a yummy salad just as much as the next girl but this is so boring and overpriced. They have a new gimick selling cereal called Yogi. Yup, that's right...CEREAL! I know that's this is a new fad and all which is cool. They are charging $5 for a bowl of cereal with some fruit or candy on top (only 2 toppings). Their menu on the board is crazy confusing and the underpaid staff rolls their eyes when they have to repeat the insane extra charge for anything. Some greedy kid straight outta business school is laughing at all the chumps who are paying money $10 for a salad and $5 for a bowl of cereal. The menu boasts about how bread is free. Sweet. Free bread. Don't ask for butter though because they don't have any. Literally.

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              There's a new place on Eglinton, east of Yonge, called Salad Spa. I don't remember all the details, but I think that the small (quite large) salad is about $5, with unlimited toppings included. Protein is an extra $2. They also have wraps. They also have about a dozen home-made dressings.

              1. re: Yongeman

                Love the Salad Spa. Definitely the best place to grab a salad at Yonge and Eglinton.

                1. re: mglenn

                  The Salad Spa is near my office and we all love it! Very reasonable.

                2. re: Yongeman


                  thanks for the heads up on Salad Spa. How is this place compared to Hannah's Kitchen. Personally I love this place. Just wish it stayed open later, cause my gym is up the street.

                  1. re: food for life

                    it is 100 times better. I used to eat at hannahs but the salad spa is much fresher, healthier and the service is exceptional. I work in the area and eat there every day. You can pick and choose what you want in your salad or wrap. there are so many great choices that I personally mix it up every day so I don't get bored. The prices are really reasonable as well. If you like service, conveniece and great 'healthy food' then try salad spa!