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Mar 5, 2006 08:24 PM

N'awlins - Don't Go.

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I went on Saturday night to this entertainment district gem. Yes, laugh. I went to the entertainment district hoping to eat at least adequately. What a fool I was.

This place is tourist crap. The food is not remotely Cajun. This place tarnishes the Big Easy more than Katrina did.

The food is a joke. The prices are high. The service is friendly but dumb.

Don't go.

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  1. But tell us how you really feel ;)

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    1. re: Sweet Pea

      Yeah, sorry for being somewhat ambiguous.

      By the way, the jazz was ok. I love jazz. But, the jazz is not good enough to mitigate the awful food.

      1. re: Fwagra

        The menu on their website was enough to tell me to stay away. There's no authentic Louisiana or Southern food in this town. N'Awlins and Southern Accent are the laughingstock of my southern USA correspondents. They saw the menus and nearly fell out of their chairs from laughing so hard.

        1. re: TexSquared

          Ceasar salad, coconut shrimp, Bruschetta, Escargot, tons of pasta dishes, lamb chops etc. - that reads like an international restaurent menu. I agree that makes one wonder about the authenticity and competency of their cooks.

          1. re: TexSquared

            If you want Louisana, you may want to check out the Cajun Corner on Queen at Logan. They are more of a store, but they do have a couple of stools and make sandwiches and "specials" daily. Fried Catfish was fine. The owners are very enthusiastic about Louisana and its fare.

            1. re: mikeb

              We have heard of them and have visited their CNE booth. They WAY over-charge for those "Louisiana consumables". Solution -- we drive down to Buffalo and buy them at Tops or Wegmans for maybe 1/2 what these guys charge. That or, when we're actually in the South, get them for 1/4 the Cajun Corner price. We usually fill an entire suitcase with Tony Chachere, Zatarain, Luzianne, Mam PoPaul, and Louisiana Fish Fry stuff, enough to last us a year.

              1. re: TexSquared

                The packaged stuff is expensive but it may be justified by their overhead (duty etc), also unlike the grocery (?) stores you shop at across the border they are trying to make their profit solely on these (to us in Toronto) specialty items. I know what you mean though because I would probably buy more if the stuff was cheaper. As it is it seems like so much very expensive Shake n Bake. Actually, seems like a strange business model all around.

                That said I really enjoy their actual meals and found the prices quite reasonable. They need to open a restaurant instead!

                1. re: julesrules

                  Totally agree. The packaged stuff is expensive but the prepared food is very cheap for the huge portions, and delicious too.

      2. s
        Southern Gal

        I was born in Florida and lived in Alabama and Louisiana all my life until I moved up to Toronto in 2001. Since coming here, I have yet to find any restaurant that serves anything remotely authentic as far as Southern or Cajun/Creole food goes. All of them have diluted it down to match a Canadian perception of Southern food, often substituting ingredients that are common here but not found at all in the south, mussels being one of these faux pas. And just try to order a glass of real iced tea here!

        I find it so strange that you can order authentic cuisine from so many parts of the globe here except the US. Southern food is very popular all over the US, not just in the south, and Cajun/Creole even more so. But here in Canada it is nowhere to be found.

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        1. re: Southern Gal

          In the summertime the Second Cup chain sells what tastes to me like real brewed nonsweet tea.

          1. re: julesrules
            Southern Gal

            The only place I have found that has it is Ruth's Chris but who can afford to eat there that often? I get some odd looks but I often order hot tea and a big glass of ice when we eat out. :-)