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Mar 5, 2006 02:30 PM

Report: Shanghai Cowgirl

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I was on the Queen streetcar headed west to the Gladstone for a CMW showcase on Thursday night and keeping a watchful eye for likely places to eat along the way. Serendipitously, given the recent thread on the board, the streetcar became mired in traffic right in front of Shanghai Cowgirl. In the 2-3 minutes it took to reach the next stop, my stomache had decided - it needed some sweet potato fries.

The place was nearly empty when I arrived, and I had my choice of seats. A warning to rotund chowhounds - the booths are not designed to be friendly to our fat asses as the spaces are narrow and the furniture immobile.

Debating between a burger and the perogies, I eventually settled on the perogies - but only after searching for them on a badly designed menu that was nearly illegible in low light of the room. I also ordered the sweet potato fries I'd promised myself.

When dinner came, I was disappointed in the portion size of the fries until I remembered that they were, in fact, a side dish and at something like $1.78, vs the $4-5 they are in a lot of places, actually quite a good deal. A little crisper would have been nice, and I probably should have ordered some wasabi mayo to go with them. They were tasty though, and I do love me some sweet potato fries.

Perogies were ordered with the unlikely and un-Polish / un-Ukranian combination of mushrooms and feta cheese with sour cream. It was a combo that really did work though I could have done without the vast quantify of onions that came with - especially given that they weren't mentioned on the menu. Like the fries, the perogies could have stood to be a little crisper, but the flavours were good and the filling hearty.

$18 with tax and tip, plus $2 to get back on the streetcar, and dinner at Shanghai Cowgirl was well worth the price.

Shanghai Cowgirl
538 Queen St. W.
Toronto, ON M5V2B5
Phone: (416) 203-6623
Hours: Mon-Thurs and Sunday: 10:30 a.m. - midnight
Friday & Saturday: 10:30 a.m. - 4 a.m.


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  1. Went there today and I am reporting that while the food was okay, I can do better at a true greasy spoon. The banquet burger with side salad was overpriced. The salad was just a few leave of cut romaine lettuce with shredded carrot pieces. The pickle would have been better had it not been removed from the coldest part of the fridge.

    Your perogies would have been a better choice.

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      Sad to say but The Cowgirl went downhill earlier in the year and it reads like they haven't bounced back.

    2. went there a year or so ago with my wife and basically its just a trendy spot to have fried, frozen food, in uncomfortable seats, with poor service.