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Mar 3, 2006 02:24 PM

Julie's Cuban Restaurant-Have YOU been?

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Just gotta copy of "Cheap Eats Toronto" and I keep reading about this place "Julie's Cuban Restaurant." It got rave reviews in, good food, good atmosphere. I'm wondering if it is worth checking out? Whose been, and whatta ya think?

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  1. i wouldn't call it cheap or great.

    went last in the summer when they have a patio open.

    everything is worth trying once, but don't have too high expectations.

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    1. re: karen

      We had a recent birthday party there and it was NOT cheap in any way! A pomegranate martini was almost $10...yikes! The wine we had was way over priced.
      The food is average, not bad and not super great! If you ever been to Cuba the food is not the something memorable!!
      The service is uneven.
      Will not return.....nothing to see here....move on!

    2. I took my SO to Julie's last summer to celebrate a birthday. We ordered a variety of tapas: shrimp in white wine, calamari, plantains, corn fritters, and shared a main of fish which I believe was the special of the day. We each had a Mojito and two glasses of wine. The cheque came to around $90.00. Overall it was decent--nothing spectacular--the Mojito's were very disappointing especially considering what we paid for them. The restaurant was small and tightly packed--service was sporatic, but they were busy as it was a Saturday night. We enjoyed the food, but neither of us felt that we absolutely needed to go back again anytime soon.

      1. f
        Food Tourist

        Julie's is good but not excellent. I guess I went with too-high expectations as usual. I find it a bit expensive, particularly the main dishes. An average-sized chicken quesadilla special was $13. The food itself lacks punch and overall is not memorable.


        1. grew up hanging out there boefoe it was cuban food, anyways good food alittle over priced. not cheap eats by any means!

          1. went Sat night
            not cheap at all(alchahol very expensive)
            The specials tapas where outrages,quesadias $7.00 thats fine but with chicken $14.00 as a tapas thats a rip off
            Tapas was very nice, unusual and very tasty but the meal went hugely downhill after that
            Main courses where shocking and almost inedible
            Beef, steak and chicken

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            1. re: Bones 10

              We ate there in the summer...skipped the appetizers and the tapas and went straight for two mains and two mojitos. We got outta there for under $50. Definitely a cute date place...good atmosphere.