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Jan 21, 2002 05:51 PM

Tacoma - has anybody been to Southern Kitchen? Also need to know the best place for Chinese ...

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We frequently drive past this place called Southern Kitchen in Tacoma. It looks very homey, a little cinderblocky kind of place with red checked curtains and steamed up windows. What's going on in there? It's kind of a big deal for us to stop and find out for ourselves - we have two year old twins that tend to create utter mayhem in any eating establishment they enter. But should we brave it? This place looks very promising. We love collards, grits, cornbread, beans, fried okra, bananna pudding, catfish, all all things Southern. The only sad thing is that we don't eat pork or beef or chicken and we're kind of worried about the general "lard factor." Please, any info would be helpful!
Also, where should we be getting our Chinese takeout in Tacoma? Or, for that matter, Indian food?

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  1. Went this weekend and really enjoyed. My partner lived in Georgia for many years and really misses Southern food, and she enjoyed it as well.

    We had catfish strips and fried butterfish. Each came with 3 sides - we each had fried okra and collard greens - I had yams and she had Macaroni and cheese.

    There were a number of kids in there, a family kind of place. They had a cook not show up so the food was slow coming up, but the waitress was VERY good and kept us apprized of what was going on.

    Don't know about Chinese since I live in Seattle.

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      I'll second the rec for the Southern Kitchen. Haven't been there in a long while but I fondly recall tasty fried catfish, fried okra, and big mason jars of strawberry lemonade. It won't be hard to avoid chicken or fish, will be hard to avoid grease. But isn't that sort of how it should be at a place like that?

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      Daniel Ginsberg, MD

      If you don't mind crossing the bridge to Gig Harbor, I recommend the Hunan Garden Restaurant on 5500 Olympic Dr. (253-858-2100) for take-out Chinese.

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        i live in key west, but i would second the motion to drive to gig harbor. Its also has a much prettier town than tacoma as a neighbor, Purdy, with a great harbor. Probably won't be many boats moving now, but i bet some are still docked.

      2. I've always enjoyed the Southern Kitchen. My homeroom would meet there for breakfast on occassion when I attended Jason Lee Jr. High kitty corner from SK. Great place.

        I would also recommend chinese at Hunan Garden in Gig Harbor. There is also a location in Lakewood.