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Feb 28, 2006 10:27 AM

Special Dinner - George?

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I'm taking my boyfriend out for a special dinner to celebrate a new job. I was thinking about George, as I have been there before and adored it. However, that was about a year ago, and was with a work function, so I'm not sure if I'll get the same fantastic food and service that I remember? Can anybody give it a more recent recommendation? Or other suggestions? Want somewhere that gives the full 'fancy dinner out' effect, but not too astronomical in price - and, gracious service is really important to us as two younger-looking 24 year olds who sometime get a bit disregarded by waitstaff.
Thanks Hounds!!!

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  1. I had a lovely dinner at George about a month ago. My boyfriend and I both ordered the chef's 'surprise' tasting menu. We were each served different things for each course so we were able to taste each others. Everything was delicious and the service was friendly and attentive. I would definatley return!

    1. I had a great dinner at George about 2 weeks ago - had the tasting menu, which was really a lot of fun, as well as delicious (I liked not knowing what was coming next and sharing dishes with others at the table..)The food was really amazing and the service was excellent. I also loved the decor and the overall romantic feel of the space. I'd go back in a heartbeat (byw..tasting menu is 95.00 per person...likely the same you would spend ordering a la carte..)

      1. Had a great dinner at George about a week and a half ago. Didn't go with tasting menu. Really enjoyed the fact that you have a choice of courses if you decide to go a la carte....they had no problem with us splitting a course and skipping another. Was at Perigee just over a month ago and I thought the food at George was almost as good but almost half the price. I will definitely go back. Enjoy!

        1. My boyfriend took me to George for my birthday a few months ago and it was a great experience. We had the tasting menu and the server paired the dishes with some great wine. The service was excellent, he even wrote down the wine names for us, since I knew I wouldn't remember after the second glass.

          1. They also adjust their tasting menu to accomodate any quirks in your eating habits.
            And they remember.
            I was there in the fall with a vegetarian, a daughter who won't eat meat but will eat fish, and my quirk, no game.
            We were four people, and each meal was presented perfectly.
            Unlike my last and final meal at Susur where they presented me with venison carpaccio, and another dish with game, and we were only two people.