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Feb 27, 2006 08:42 PM

Top 40 vegetarian dishes in GTA

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I'm giving up meat for Lent. Where can I eat happily for the next 40 days? I already love Live. Other options in Mississauga/Etobicoke/downtown/North York?

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  1. Two friends told me Rice Bar is good. I'll also eat fish, if I get a craving for meat...

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      Super Nintendo Chalmer

      Places I like around the core:

      - Fresh (juice for life)
      - Utopia (lots of great veggie items)
      - Fressen
      - Pulp Kitchen
      - Magic Oven pizza
      - Ethiopian House (lots of veggie items)
      - Annapurna
      - Hey Good Cooking (roti)
      - Cafe 668
      - Urban Herbivore
      - Sneaky Dee's (lots of veggie tex-mex... when you want a lot of food)

      Check out the Vegetarian Directory too (link below)


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        The previous listing had a lot of my favourites. Here's just a couple more


        1. Momo's on Harbord makes a nice grill veggie plate, and a decent falafel and excellent carrot cake, homemade.
        2. Ghazele beside the Bloor for a collection of different veggie options.
        3. Taco El Savador has veggie options.
        4. Any Indian restaurant. I like alot of them so they are too numermous to name.
        5. Most rest make good veggie sushi options. One of my friends like the yam vegetable roll (A) I think it is at Kyoto sushi (most review on this place weren't good but this roll won her)
        6. Pomengrate on College near Bathurst. Their veggie pate is awesome and their portobella mushroom in some special sauce is excellent.
        7. Boujadi on Eglinton by the Allen, I like their Medina?
        8. Mocha Mocha Cafe on Danforth. I love their brown rice salad. It sounds boring but its really good.
        9. Maroli near Davisville, mentioned many times on this website. If you call 2 days in advance and request REAL Kerala food that's vegetarian he will make it. Lots of coconut and very fresh tasting.
        10. Sunny's at Noahs at Spadina and Bloor. All organic and tasty, open at lunch only I think.
        11. Chinese Bakery on Baldwin makes veggie buns at lunch.

        A drive from downtown:
        1. Listed in the vegatarian association,
        a) chinese - Graceful Vegetarian
        b) Lotus Pond though the last time I was there it wasn't quite as good as I remembered.
        2. I drive to the Dosa Hut just for dosa and their thali platters are awesome too. Islington & ? Rexdale?

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          Graceful Vegetarian's worth the 30 min drive from downtown. Their "meat" tastes better than the real thing..

      2. How about United Bakers dairy restaurant at Lawrence Plaza (Bathurst and Lawrence)? They have an excellent split pea soup, nice salads and pasta dishes (the vegetable lasagna is very good and is a very generous portion). There are huge line-ups at lunch time though.

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          United Bakers stinks, to put it briefly.

        2. Vegetarian Haven on Baldwin is excellent.

          1. The Curry Chickpeas (Chana Masala) at Udopi on Gerrard is so tasty. One order (8.95) can easily stretch into two meals. It comes with rice, roti and pappadum, pickles and yogurt.