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Feb 27, 2006 04:39 PM

Magic Oven (repost)

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After hearing nothing but good things about this place we ordered from Magic Oven (on Jefferson) last night, hoping for a tasty pizza meal. Sadly, it was bad, bad, bad!

First of all, the mediums we recieved are the size of smalls elsewhere - and they certainly were not worth the price (around $40 bucks for the two). One had procsioutto, bocconcini & arugula (not the worst pizza I've ever had, but nowhere near as good as I expected), and the other had potatoes, caramelized onion & gorganzola. But instead of rosemary potato they gave us TANDOORI POTATO! Pretty nasty combo with the gorganzola cheese. I couldn't eat it, and I had to leave the room because it stunk SOOOOOO bad.

We called to tell them about their mistake and see how they would rectify serving us inedible pizza. Their solution was a 15% discount for the next time. But really, there is not going to be a next time...

Just plain bad.

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  1. We had the same experience with the Magic Oven on Broadview. The pizza took so long that we could have made one from scratch ourselves, and it was soggy. It was disappointing because I'd heard so much about their pizza. I think when we contacted them we were offered a free pizza for our next order, but there never was going to be a next order, especially not with the delicious Bona in the 'hood.

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      Bad luck! I've always had really good food from Magic Oven (the Jefferson location). Only once, a few weeks ago, was it not so great. Too cold, and undercooked: the cheese on the pizza wasn't quite fully melted.

      Maybe they're going through a rough patch. If so, too bad for me - they're one of my stand-bys.

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        We got a pizza from the Broadview location the other day and it was excellent. We've always had good results from there, so I'm surprised by some of these reports, but maybe we've just been lucky.

      2. At least you got an offer of a discount! I was a loyal customer of the Broadview location a few years ago and then it started to really go downhill. When I mentioned a really undercooked pizza to the staff, there was no reaction, not even an apology. I guess they've just grown complacent.

        For the price they charge, I expect the pizza to at the very least be edible, not undercooked and with a crust the consistency of Wonderbread.

        1. agreed! this pizza is horrible, even if it was just a bad day, no day should be that bad!

          1. We used to use them a lot (Broadview) location, and the ones we used to get were great (mainly Thai Pesto Magic or Euphoria).

            Then late last year things suddennly got worse, the Pesto magic pizza suddenly had less topings, especially the chicken, and the goat cheese wasnt, it was replaced with some sort of cheese paste that looks like its been squeezed out of a tube.

            It looks to me like they are trying to cut their food cost.

            We gave them two more tries, but three strikes and they're out - we wont be using them again.

            La Grotta Mediterranean pizza is not bad and is one of our current picks.