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Feb 26, 2006 05:13 PM


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ive heard of a middle eastern place around the annex thats supposed to be incredible
its called ghazele
anybody been there, and if so do u remember the address


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  1. it's right beside the bloor cinema (around bathurst). spelled ghazale. very friendly, very tasty. good home-style lebanese. fried veggie sandwiches are awesome.

      1. re: Tootsie

        well, they do have on or two tiny stools or you can huddle up against the counter by the window...

      2. I read good things about this place, went recently for Hotdocs and was disappointed. My falafel pita was dry and i shuddered when she heated the falafel in the microwave. But i can only compare it to Shwarma Empire at Pharmacy/Lawrence. Small circular pitas, i prefer grilled but still good, plus they have pickled radishes and you can order knaffe mmm. Perhaps i should've ordered the shwarma at Ghazale instead?

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        1. re: Little T

          I agree that their falafels aren't very good, but I like the stewed vegetable stuff there a lot. The stewed okra is good, as are the lima beans. Both make a nice cheap snack with a little mujadara.

          There's a place right near there on Bloor, on the other side of the street, that has good falafel pitas. I forget the name, but I think they have a red sign - maybe Laila? They seem kind of like a mix of Israeli and Lebanese style, in terms of toppings.

          1. re: Little T

            shwarma was terrible!! picked up one after a hotdoc as well and had to stop eating it after a few bites. reheated dry chicken from one of those warming trays, nonexistent pickled anything, bleh sauce and pita dry and just meh. really pitiful.

            i will stand up for their stewed items though. after getting a good mix and heating it up in a microwave, it's pretty good.

            1. re: pinstripeprincess

              I find all the sides are good at ghazale but the middle eastern place across the street does better mains....and they serve draft beer

          2. I was there for lunch today. I also was more attracted to the chicken plate because of the shawarma and all the sides. The shawarma was very crispy/dry, which is okay on a platter but would be awful in a pita. The sides were also okay, not great. The most disconcerting was that everything was put in a styrofoam container and then nuked in a microwave. I'm all for fast food but not nuked.

            Decent falafel is hard to find in the city. I prefer Israeli over Lebanese falafel because the pita is softer. Tov Li is good, but not the Bathurst/Wilson location - they're new and have not got their act together. The original location at Bathurst south of Steeles is better. There's also Mashu Mashu on Spadina in the village and they serve whole wheat pita, with is really nice.

            1. Other than for its cheapness, I do not understand the great reviews this place gets again and again. It's uncomfortable and, really, I can't think of anything that's actually good there.

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              1. re: embee

                I finally made it to this place the other day -and was pretty let down on the falafel/shwarma front- though the dolmades weren't too bad! Was tempted to try the chicken livers too...but I won't be going back in a hurry.

                It made me really want to go back to that place in Kensington for a good falafel..