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Feb 25, 2006 06:20 PM

Korean restaurant - help me name this place please

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I saw some Toronto TV show the other day that featured Korean restaurants and there was one that I have forgotten the name of.

The restaurant in question is owned by a Korean lady that was either an opera star or actress in Korea and at the restaurant you cook at your table. It looked very good and I wanted to give it a try but of course, I have forgotten the name and location.

Does anyone have an idea?


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  1. I have a feeling you were watching Street Eats on Sun TV.

    Here's a link to the episode guide.

    It has a listing of all the restaurants featured+.

    1. Probably not the one you were looking for, but there is a similar restaurant called Korean Grill located on Queen St., not far from the Osgoode subway station. Very nice selection of meat and seafood. Big lineup on weekends though.

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        And here's the exact address:

        214 Queen St. West

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          There is another location on Yonge at College, opposite Shoppers Drug Mart. The tables are the same as the Queen St one, uncomfortable for those with long legs.

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          If the name Patricia Au rings a bell, then it will be the Korean Grill - she is the owner.

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            Sorry, I just have to say this. Korea Grill house on Queen is not a good representation of Korean bbq. In fact I find it truly disgusting. Imho, it's comparable to eating at a westernized chinese restaurant. The quality of the meat and the marinade they use is sub par. If you want to have good Korean bbq with all the fixings try Seoul House at Orfus and Dufferin or Sariwon up at Yonge and Clark. The galbi dinner at these two restaurants is more expensive (about $20/person) but is totally worth it!

          2. Korean Village Restaurant @ 628 Bloor St. W. (by Christie Pitts)

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              This is the one that you're referring to, Elastic Waistband.

              I used to work for the Korean consulate and one of my fav experiences was bringing our brand-new Consul General to Korean Village for lunch and he was genuinely awestruck to meet one of his favourite childhood screen legends.

              1. re: Britmeg

                Of the restaurants along the Bloor strip, Korean Village also seems to offer up the largest number of side dishes with your meal (with Korea House very close behind). It also has a relaxing atmosphere - if you're a solo diner, it's a good place to read while eating the non-cooked-at-your-table dishes.

                I also agree with the comments about Korean Grill on Queen - I found some of the meat was too fatty (especially the chicken, which had little meat to speak of), the side dishes ultra-bland.

            2. from a korean perspective, korea grill on queen is...bleh. those unfamiliar with korean will read the sign and think "wow, it'll be great!" but it's not. i went once and vowed never to return. cooking a bag of instant noodles would be closer to korean food. my fav place is in the toronto area is sariwon north of steeles on yonge (west side). downtown toronto, i frequent mul-ae-bang-a on christie, just north of bloor -- reasonably priced, and the food is good.

              1. Jinkies, does mul-ae-bang-a serve ginseng chicken soup (samgaetang)? do any of the other ones downtown? thanks

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                  I'm looking for samgaetang too! Nothing wards off an impending flu like that stuff! You're also supposed to eat it on the day of summer equinox (which has passed, but I'm still craving).