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Feb 23, 2006 10:44 AM

Segovia - Spanish Rest?

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Has anybody been to Segovia? I was looking for a spanish place to go, and I found this one, near Yonge/Wellesley, but I've never heard of it before. Is it any good? Any suggestions?

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  1. Atmosphere is nice and service attentive. Food? Ordinary in my judgement. Sorry.

    1. I've never been, but only because I haven't heard good things.

      Try Casa Barcelona -- I absolutly love their food. The service is great too.


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      1. re: RYP

        Re: Casa Barcelona-(On Bloor just east of Royal York)Thumbs up, I agree - we go there a couple of times a month - our fave's:

        Shrimp with Garlic
        Steak with Portobello and Shitake sauce
        Chicken with Saffron sauce
        Salmon with red pepper sauce
        (it's all about the sauces!).
        Very extensive wine list - I usually just ask them for a glass of Rioja and not been disappointed

        1. re: RYP

          Casa Barcelona isn't very good.

          1. re: RYP

            I just checked the link you listed. I was curious about this place because I lived in Barcelona for two and a half years. It doesnt seem very authentic just from looking at the website - for one thing, why is there a picture of 3 guys wearing Mexican mariachi outfits? The food list doesnt seem Catalan either.

            1. re: mango

              Since visiting Barcelona last year hubby & I have been dying to try tapas in TO. Went to Casa Barcelona last night and it was nothing like the tapas we had in Barcelona. The food was good, although not as great as I thought it would be. The thing I didn't like was ordering on a piece of paper only to have all of the dishes come out so quickly that we were finished our meal in less than a half hour. In Barcelona you wrote out your order but then they only brought out two at a time and gave you time to breath for a couple of minutes before astounding you with new tapas. We had 7 tapas and 1 ltr of Sangria and we were 92.00 before tip. In and out of the restaurant in less than one hour. Not the relaxing evening I had invisioned!

              1. re: chanelsmomma

                You guys are funny - in Barcelona each tapas place is VERY different than the next one. Some specializing in certain fish dishes, others in meats, etc. The best (ie. most expensive) serve whatever got hauled up on the dock that day. Casa Barcelona is, as noted, quite Canadianized and not the same as anything you'll get overseas (try explaining the difference between Spain and Catalan to a Canadian!). Hell, last time I was there my server was polish. That said, it was good (but not great) and, as noted, quite expensive.

                Toronto is still waiting for great tapas.

          2. I was there recently with a large group for a celebration.

            - sangria
            - friendly service
            - great atmosphere
            - mussels appetizer
            - paella (all)

            - most of the other appetizers

            We had a few vegetarians in our group, so we called ahead, and they made an amazing vegetable paella for them, as well as some appetizers. I'd stick to the mains, and sangria. It's a good place, and not too expensive.

            1. Pre-fixe lunch on weekdays is good. I vouch for the sangria and paella.

              1. Can't vouch for authenticity, but Segovia is a hoot. Wild decor, very friendly staff, resonably priced. Have brought a few people and always enjoyed myself.

                Perhaps more of an experiental restaurant than one striving for authenticity.

                Also, the only restaurant I've seen in toronto located in a back alley!

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                1. re: bluedog

                  It is not a back alley, it is St. Nicholas Street Segovia is not the only restaurant on it either - there is a french bistro just up the street from Segovia along the same "back alley" as you call it. Matignon. It is cosy and reliable.

                  1. re: qwerty

                    Your are, of course, correct, however, I think you are being a bit hard on bluedog. The section of St. Nicholas from Wellesley up to Phipps and even to St. Joseph does look more like a back alley than a street - north of St. Joseph (where Matignon is) it is a different looking street.
                    I have been to Segovia (and Matignon) and enjoyed both, nothing spectacular but I would return.

                    1. re: George W.

                      Hmm, just noticed this and yes, of course, you are correct, it is a public thoroughfare with a name. However a rose, by any other name, is still a rose and every time I've taken people there, from my family, kids, a few out of town business associates, all of them refer to Segovia as that Spanish place in the back alley!

                      A case of the letter of the law vs. the spirit of the law, methinks.

                      Anyhow, one way or the other enjoy it if you haven't already.