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Feb 23, 2006 08:53 AM

Good Bakery for a cake in the annex?

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I need to pick up a birthday cake this afternoon in the Annex, near U of T...looking for something extra chocolatey and decadent.

Any suggestions?


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  1. future's bakery. ask which cakes they have whole in stock.

    1. Frangipane at the corner of Madison and Dupont! Had a yummy snowball cake from there, all the cakes are decorated beautifully and everything I've had from there has been delicious.

      1. Walk to Whole Foods on Avenue or even better Pusateri's on Bay and pick a cake from Patachou or Rahier etc. there (they carry those cakes, and it is closer than going to either place).

        Harbord bakery cakes are not very tasty, I would avoid them. Frangipane is ok, but selection is limited.

        1. Dessert Trends (Harbord and Brunswick) is a lovely bakery...I've only tried their pastries, but call ahead to see if they have cakes too. If they do, I'm sure they'll taste wonderful.

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            I think Bakerbots is in the area.... no storefront yet.
            You'd probably have to call ahead as well.

          2. Dessert Trends makes a beautiful and delicious cake. Even if you order in advance, though, expect some amount of disorganisation when you go to pick it up.