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Feb 22, 2006 05:34 PM

Newcastle on tap

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hey ya'll...

i'm looking for a pub that serves newcastle brown ale on tap. bottles are decent but draught is better.

thanks in advance. zeppelin rules


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  1. The Richmond Rogue (Richmond/Sherbourne) has it on tap.

    1. on the pub tip for Toronto you should goto --- gives excellent writeups on pubs in and around the gta and what they have on tap. Cheers.

      1. The Glouster on Yonge. If you can find it try Fullers London Pride-better than Newkie.The Real Jerk has it.

        1. Newkie - Here ya go, one of my fav's and I know quite a few places:

          The rogue, as mentioned
          Sheraton hotel - queen st. west
          Mick e fynns on carleton
          The charlotte room
          ciro's on bloor west

          That's what I know about, but I do know it is too hard to find on draught.