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Feb 21, 2006 09:25 PM

Taqueria Burritos

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We're talking about gi-normous burritos, the kind that I've had many places in the US, where they take an xtra large tortilla and fill it with a variety of rice, beans, meat and cheese. There is even a chain called Chipole.

Does anyone know if something similar can be found in Toronto?

I am salivating as I type.

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  1. Mmm... I love Chipotle. Wish there were a franchise up here (even if they are owned by McDonalds).

    Closest thing is Burrito Boyz on Peter.

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    1. re: Jo
      Super Nintendo Chalmers

      Oh man... or even a Baja Fresh (now owned by Wendy's). Mmmm giant 8000 calorie burritos.

      In addition to Burrito Boyz there's Bar Burrito on College but the veggie burritos at both we're okay but not great. I heard the fish burrito at Boyz is great but I don't roll that way.

      1. re: Super Nintendo Chalmers

        I visited Bar Burrito in the summer and it (veggie) was smaller and not as good as Boyz or Big Fat Burrito(s?) on Augusta in Kensington Market. Perhaps they have improved, I don't know.

        I think Big Fat is quite up to par compared with Boyz. Don't remember which one is bigger though. Taste is about the same, depends on your luck sometimes. Boyz (@ the new location), the last time i went, gave us 2 very leaky burritos, which was rather disappointing.

        1. re: UG

          The best part about Big Fat Burrito is the yam burrito option.

          1. re: UG
            Super Nintendo Chalmers

            Where is Big Fat?

            1. re: Super Nintendo Chalmers
              Super Nintendo Chalmers

              Nevermind... Googled. :)

      2. sadly, there really is no SF mission style burrito place in toronto. burrito boyz takes far too long to be a true taqueria. (The employee attitude is hard to take seriously as well)

        quesada is surprisingly "okay"... as close to chipotle as you'll find here.

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        1. re: dyssaster

          That's EXACTLY the corner of the heart of democracy on the planet that I was thinking about. Everywhere in the Mission I passed was a seemingly non-chain QSR rolling up these feasts.

          1. re: dyssaster

            I had an opportunity to have a burrito at Quesada today. As dyssaster notes, the experience was just 'okay' since there is not a lot of places in town doing that kinda thing.

            The food wasn't spectacular. I prefer stewed meat to grilled and chopped as was the case. Tho this is only one location, I can't help but get the feeling the stuff is mass produced, meaning some genuine flavour is not present.

            And the staff wasn't quite the chipper helpers you find at some fast food places. They were a little ho-hum. I'm kinda surprised.

          2. Since you are in the east end I will mention there is a burrito place on the Danforth, east of Pape, north side. It is not spectacular by any means but it's there. Oh and they do beef tacos too - these are decent.

            1. Taqueria Burrito Bar is the best! there is a location at yonge and york mills. They actually smoke their meat and corn with a traditional smoker...flavours are amazing

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              1. re: ywivychen

                How about fish and veg? (And do they serve alcohol?)

                1. re: Ediblethoughts

                  It's in the food court there. I had a chicken burrito and found it fairly bland. I didn't taste, nore was I aware of anything in my burrito being smoked.

                    1. re: Ediblethoughts

                      food court means not open late right?

                      Toronto needs more places that are easily accessible by car and open til atleast 3am. Chipotle at Y&E is good but theres nowhere to park for free, so you gotta pay minimum $2 just to get something. Not to mention it closes at the bright and early hour of 10pm, even on a Friday. WTF!

                      1. re: jmarcroyal

                        Nothing irritates me more than places that close early on Friday/Saturday, I'm with you all the way

                2. re: ywivychen

                  Just curious, since it's in a food court where is the meat smoked? I didn't detect any smoke in the chicken burrito that I had.

                  1. re: abigllama

                    they have a smoker in the back kitchen, thats what the cashier told me...i think they smoke the corn too...

                3. Has anyone tried the new place called "California burritos" on College near Henry? I glanced at the menu and fear it may be yet another Toronto burrito joint serving fratboy/art student-style burritos overseasoned with cumin. But there's always hope.