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Jan 17, 2002 07:26 PM

Indian food in Seattle?

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I'd long ago become accustomed to driving to Vancouver whenever I have an Indian food craving, but we havent had time to cross the border lately. Any good recommendations for Indian restaurants in Seattle? ALso, I heard a rumor from a Sikh taxi driver that there is an Indian supermarket somewhere in Kent? Anybody know about the Indian food landscape down there?

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  1. I like Pabla (downtown Seattle on 2nd Ave) and Bengal Tiger (65th & Roosevelt). I've heard Neelam's (University district) is good, but I've never been there. I've found that the best Indian food is made at my home though!

    There's a rather large Indian grocery store in Bellevue -- Regal Foods at 2245 148th NE. There's a much smaller market -- Continental Spice -- at 7819 Aurora Ave N. I believe the latter is actually Pakistani. The owner is extremely helpful and friendly, and he carries primarily big bags of spices.

    Good luck. I'm guessing you'll get a number of different opinions on "the best and most authentic" Indian food.

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      The Indian restaurant, Savoy Restaurant, right next door to Regal Foods, has a great Sunday morning buffet, with Pakistani and Gujarati specialties. Very reasonably priced as well.

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      Charles Drabkin

      We like Taste of India
      5517 Roosevelt Way Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105
      (206) 528-1575

      Also they have a sister restaurant Cedars Restaurant On Brooklyn
      4759 Brooklyn Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98105
      (206) 527-5247

      Both are very good and relatively inexpensive.

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        I used to think Taste of India was the best but last Friday I went to India Bistro in Ballard and was blown away. I love Indian food and thought their stuff taster much fresher and each dish tasted very different from the others. We had a Cicken Masala that was very very good and a lamb dish with mild spices and apples and grapes.

        The spinach Naan might be better at Taste of India but I'm sold on India Bistro.


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          You're the second person I've known to say that about the place in Ballard, but I was there a few months after they opened and found their food greasy and there were huge, unpleasant chunks of ginger that I kept mistaking for chicken and biting into.

          Banjara on Queen Anne and Mayuri in Bellevue are very good. And I've been told by a friend from Bombay that the most authentic is Cedar's in the U District.

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          We love Taste of India, prefer it to Bengal Tiger (though the waitstaff are great there). Rec'd dishes at Taste: vegetable kofta, shashi korma, samosas (veggie). They're my favorites, but I've never had a mediocre dish there.

          When we lived on Capitol Hill, though, we were fiercely loyal to India Express (on B'way, corner of Republican). The ambience isn't anything to speak of, but their curried mussels are to die for, and everything else we had there was excellent.

          Banjari in Queen Anne (QA Ave and Boston) is very good, but more expensive than Taste of India or India Express. Better atmosphere, I guess, but you pay more for the food.

          Mmmm, have a craving for malai kofta right now...


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            Banjara is long closed. I like Chutney's on lower Queen Anne for Mughlai/Northern Indian.

        3. The best Indian food in seattle happens to be my grandmothers, but really, before my life became insanely busy I used to go an Indian Grocery in Kent on the East Hill. There was a little Indian strip mall off the main road there that was a little taste of BC. The restaurant there was pretty good, not too heavy on the tumeric as most places tend to be. I find Indian restaurant food usually too heavy. Anyplace where the taste is light and you could eat it everyday? Check out Kent and go exploring!!!!

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            Could you please provide a name and address? I'm not very familiar with Kent. Thanks.

            1. re: decker

              Sorry- can't remember the name or address. It was off the main road running north & south at the top of east hill.

          2. I love Neelam's, which is located on the Ave in the U. District between 47th and 50th. I've never been disappointed with anything I've ordered, and my favorite part is that the spices taste freshly ground,the importance of which I didn't appreciate until I started doing this at home. When I lived in another city I had an Indian friend whose mother once came and made food for our whole lab, and Neelam's is the first restaurant I've attended where the food rivaled hers. (In other words, all these comments about "the best Indian food is my grandmother's" should be taken seriously!)

            1. The best Indian food is in Kent, WA at India Combo.

              The lunch buffet is off the scale. It's an unbelievable bargain. Reason...primary business is catering and lunchers get cater quality food at cafeteria prices.