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Feb 18, 2006 12:35 PM

Former El Toro Restaurant

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Back when a restaurant called El Toro was located on Colbourne st just behind the King Eddy (now PJ O'Briens) and made the best ribs I have ever tasted. Also, the best garlic cheeze bread.The chef left and the place changed hands rapidly about 4 times before PJ's.

If anyone recalls the ribs at that place and has found a similar place or chased down the chef (if he's still at it)I would be most interested. A Bit of a long shot I know. Thx

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  1. Wow... El Toro brings back some old, good memories. It was my father's favorite spot, and he would take me there once a year on his birthday. I remember the caesar being to die for - and i haven't found one as good since (and that was about 15 years ago).. sorry i can't help you out with the ribs, but its great to hear someone talk about this old place again.

    1. My very favourite Ribs! Ever!
      They served them, along with cottage cheese, dill pickles, and a third item which I've forgotten (too many years ago). I've talked abut these ribs for the last 35 years. I'd give almost anything to have their recipe!!
      If anyone knows where I can find these ribs, I'd love to know.